It’s always exciting when you hear a book you love will be adapted for the big screen. Here are the stories the YP team would like to see filmmakers tackle.
Did you know that rats love to laugh and are used to save lives? Celebrate the smallest member of the Chinese zodiac and fall in love with these critters.
Your favourite Lunar New Year treats aren’t just tasty; they’re filled with good luck too.
Sunrise - comprised of teens Mandy and Moses - has already played events like the Rugby Sevens. Here's what the duo hopes to do this year.
Every sector has its own jargon and newspapers are no exception. The following is a list of words you may hear in news rooms and what they mean
Parents might worry puppy love will get in the way of their children's studies - or worse - and forbid them from spending free time with the opposite sex. But...
Whether you're negotiating with your parents about your next night out or trying to knock off 40 per cent on a Temple Street purchase, arguments...
When did Young Post start and how did it look like then? Check out the history of your newspaper
Saturday is Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Young Post team has been on a mooncake taste-testing binge in pursuit of the perfect festive treat. Here are...
A short timeline of The South China Morning Post history.
Most of us might remember trying to connect the dotted lines in a cursive handwriting copybook back in Primary Three. But education experts say...
Trees For Streets You are interested in environmental issues and you come across this podcast about an interesting project to improve some of the streets of London. Listen to the podcast and then...
Trees For Streets Voice 1: You are interested in environmental issues and you come across this podcast about an interesting project to improve some of the streets of London. Listen to the podcast...
Wu Wing-kui has been working as a tattoo artist for 15 years. Tastes, he says, have changed immensely over that time - and in a way that allow him to be more...
TIM: Hi, this is Timothy Chui and you’re listening to listening plus.
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with labour and welfare reporter Agnes Lam about a recent construction accident at the International Commerce Centre.
Reflexology is very popular in Hong Kong, but fish reflexology is a new variation on a familiar theme. Also known as fish spas, the idea...
Almost half a century ago, four young lads from the British city of Liverpool formed the greatest band in the history of music and started the...
A classic Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, The Proposal is a hilarious film about giving in to love. Rom-com queen Bullock plays...
"Frozen' taught us to believe in people and love ourselves, while the tearjerker 'Coco' made us want to make the most of life.
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro.
Find out in this map of the 'Ring of Fire' in the Pacific Ocean and infographic about tectonic plates.

Philippine's Taal volcano spews ash, grounds flights

Broad columns of ash spewed from a volcano south of the Philippine capital on Monday, grounding hundreds of flights and causing residents to use face masks.
The marine mammal park will be upgraded and expanded with HK$10 billion of public money.
An easy-to-follow flowchart on how to fill up your Lunar New Year treats box for every family gathering.
'Celebrity teacher' Kris Lau of Modern Education is accused of bribing a public exam assessor three years ago.
Wet markets and classic crown red taxis are a symbol of life in the 852, but are sadly being replaced by modern alternatives.
According to US space agency Nasa, there's a possibility the smoke will circumnavigate the globe.
Leo tells Ginny about his dreadful morning. Will Chris ever forgive Leo for what he’s done?
Leo tells Ginny about his dreadful morning. Will Chris ever forgive Leo for what he’s done?
Lam attributes the measures, expected to benefit more than a million people, to a breakthrough in government thinking.
Police insiders say the new weapons are necessary, as the effectiveness of pepper spray has decreased.
Films such as "Ford v Ferrari', 'Little Women', 'Joker' and 'Parasite' will compete for the best picture award.
The best iOS and Android apps to add a vintage vibe to your Instagram feed
Educators have criticised the revised junior secondary Chinese history curriculum for making the subject too chaotic and imbalanced.
1. too much / excessive/ unnecessary 2. is not cool or fashionable anymore 3. i) T ii) NG iii ) NG 4. i) a thirst for adrenaline/excitement
A party drink that has been blamed for killing many people is now being sold on the mainland.
Kitchee’s HK$84 million training centre – that is only a year old – must move to make way for a housing development after Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said last night.
1. criticising 2. 40 3. A test that reveals allergic reactions. / A way to find out what someone is allergic to by pricking the skin and putting a substance under the skin.
This radio news report is about a dramatic rescue mission.
Listen to this radio news report about a dramatic rescue mission and then answer the questions.
Each week, two of our readers will debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn't necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week's topic is ...
A lack of education and job opportunities for Nepali people have made the Nepali community feel marginalised, says one student
Think twice before you stand by that speaker at a concert, or turn up the volume on your music player – that high-pitched ringing in your ears might never go away.
Pol Col Pruthipong Prayoonsiri said China sent a request to the Thai government to seek its cooperation in denying Wong entry to the kingdom.
Breathable fabrics, bigger logos, and trousers for girls top the school uniform wish list.
For most primary school students in the city, the only way to learn about science is from textbooks – but science can be practical and exciting if you learn to apply it outside of the classroom.
Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question.
Trust in the city’s media has dropped to a 10-year low according to a poll by the University of Hong Kong released on Tuesday.
Ventus Lau Wing-hong is a spokesman for Hong Kong Civil Assembly Team, which organised the rally.
Bringing home a gold and bronze medal for the city, Yam Yau and Elvis Hsu talk about what the experience in Switzerland taught them.
The 'Bad Guy' singer will perform in the city on August 30.

Ocean Park saw a 60 per cent plunge in visitors between July - December 2019. Is it worth saving?

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