The sport is growing in popularity in the United States as teens use it to connect to their cultural heritage.
While Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is diagnosed in childhood, Type 2 can be prevented with healthy eating and exercise.
Let’s face it: after a great game or a run, your gear is probably as sweaty as you; try these top tips to keep you from smelling terrible.
How does a Sweet Potato Latte from Tom N Toms Coffee or a William Pear Oat Milk Latte from Pacific Coffee sound?
Hong Kong faces an ageing population because of the low birth rate. But there are not enough services for the elderly. There should be better facilities at homes for old people. There are...
I am a secondary school student who takes the bus regularly. I board the bus at seven every morning during rush hour, so it tends to be crowded with people going to work. Usually...
Death is something we all need to face, and we can do nothing to prevent it. Many people try to find ways to lengthen their lives, or even avoid death altogether, even though this is impossible.
How would you feel if there was a person who looked and behaved exactly like you? If some scientists have their way, this actually could happen. Fortunately, until now...
There have been many outbreaks in recent years claiming many lives. The latest H1N1 virus is one of them. The scariest thing is that these new diseases are alien to us. They have...
I really want my father to quit smoking. We both know smoking is bad for his health, but he finds it hard to kick the habit.
The annual fund-raising drive, jointly organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK, is now receiving donation. Go to osc.scmp.com
If you’re still at school, and you’ve heard of the band Nirvana, chances are you...
Read Yau Lok-yan's star letter and join the discussion here
The traditional approach to a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle - or any sports injury - is to wrap the area in smelly, mud-like Chinese medicine poultice, but there are...
If you are suffering from post-Halloween withdrawals, Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games may be the answer. And avid gardeners will...
Kacey Wong Kwok-choi's studio is an inspiring space of colourful robots, sculptures, framed snapshots of his large-scale installations and a cosy sofa on which you can sit back, relax and...
John Millen will hold a workshop next week. Application are now CLOSED
In the letter of objection, issued days after convenor Jimmy Sham was beaten and hospitalised, the force notes the need to maintain public safety
Being annoying is the best gameplay mechanic in the latest stealth game from Australian indie developer House House.
Hundreds of teens sang and chanted anti-government slogans during a peaceful demonstration at Sun Yat-sen place on Friday evening.
Chief executive focused on solving the city’s housing problems and helping the needy, while no concessions were offered to anti-government protesters.
The champion swimmers came from Ying Wa College, Diocesan Boys’ School and Diocesan Girls’ School.

Critically endangered baby gorilla born in Brazil zoo

Lou Lou, a western lowland gorilla, has given birth to a daughter at the Belo Horizonte Zoo in Brazil. The baby is the fourth of this species - considered critically endangered - to be born in the...
Several mainland-China linked businesses were vandalised and set on fire by demonstrators as the protests kicked off their 20th week.
You've heard of hygge; here are some more of our favourite untranslatable words related to well-being from 'The Positive Lexicography'
When it comes to career goals, Lily Sheary believes in dreaming big; luckily, the 15-year-old has the talent to match
Living independently for the first time is a reminder that students need to focus on their health.
A best friend is someone you not only share good times with, but also someone who is there for you during the bad times.
This visually spectacular fantasy, with a human story at its core, returns in dramatic style
The singer-songwriter discusses the experiences that inspired his contemplative new record
As people and corporations become more environmentally aware, Sino Group has made efforts to become more green in concrete Hong Kong.
This week, we asked our readers: whether our city's election system is a good or bad thing. Here are our favourite answers
To say that Brittany Ng is your average teenager is not just an understatement but also extremely inaccurate. Last year, she was the youngest player on the National Ice Hockey team. As she was only...
China pressured the Hong Kong government to disqualify six candidates who advocated independence from a crucial citywide election, as part of a campaign to bolster its interests and win seats for its...
Here in Hong Kong, we get a lot of the big American blockbusters such as The Avengers and The Hunger Games. But the one genre that isn’t so well represented is indie films.
More than a third of young voters would vote for a pro-independence candidate in Sunday’s Legislative Council election, as a recent CUHK survey found.
Japan and South Korea have topped a ranking list that recognises universities and colleges for doing the most to promote science and invent new technology.
Shape of Hong Kong's political feature slowly comes into focus as election results continue to roll in.
More than 200 students – the most ever – picked up trophies at this year’s ESF Chairman’s Awards.
Young Post has won two special mentions in the World Association of Newspapers’ Young Reader Prizes.
Performance mentor Jeff Anello explains why finding what you love gives you goals to work towards, and enhances your well-being.
The summer before I began university was weird. Everyone was holding on to the last bit of high school life as we went on our graduation trips and made plans to hang out.
What do Emma Watson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and President Obama have in common?
And despite being a super athlete, the 18-year-old approached the Rio Games as if it was any other competition.
Known for stripped-down acoustic covers, Daniela Andrade has recently joined other YouTubers in making the leap to original music with her debut EP, Shore.
One man was set on fire by protesters in Ma On Shan, and a teenage boy was reportedly hit by police tear gas canisters in Tin Shui Wai.
In his first public comments on the protests, Chinese President Xi Jinping says putting an end to violence and restoring order remains the city's most urgent priority.
A 70-year-old man dies after being hit with a brick, and man set on fire still in critical condition as no end in sight to anti-government unrest.

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