From being good at sports, to the idea that men should hide their emotions, here's some stereotypes we wish would disappear
10,000 rounds of CS gas have been fired in Hong Kong since June. A former chemistry professor from Chinese University explains the damage it can do.
Whether you're into philosophy or want a simple guide to dealing with failure, these self-help titles are packed full of good advice.
The group, together since primary school, sings about what society demands from young men and their support for the pro-democracy movement.
Stewards Pooi Kei College vs TWGHs Kap Yan Directors' College. Motion: Hong Kong is taking care of its tangible cultural heritage
December 11, 2009 - 'Faster future looms as trams reach turning point'
Dancing is hard to define. It is an entertainment, a sport; it's a way to communicate myriad emotions. And now a host of students will...
Sindy calls the travel agent’s Sindy and a couple of her friends have decided to go to Italy for a holiday. That is, if they can get some cheap accommodation. Sindy calls EuroBag, a travel agency...
Students from the University of Hong Kong's Morrison Hall organised a Christmas Bazaar to raise funds for Operation Santa Claus. More than...
December 10, 2009 - 'China goes on the attack at climate talks'
Imagine losing your sight. Something you take for granted every day is no longer available to you. But more than that, you're in a strange...
Kit: Hello this is listening plus and you are with Young Post reporter Lai Ying-kit. Today we will be discussing a government plan to stop giving extra floor areas to developers for building green...
Young Post reporter Lai Ying-kit will be discussing with Joyce Ng, news reporter of South China Morning Post about a government plan to stop giving extra floor areas to developers for building green...
December 09, 2009 - 112 killed in Baghdad attacks
Ocean Park and Disneyland both offer good reasons to get out of the house and enjoy a Christmas excursion
WORKSHEET - Learn more about the world landmine situation
The former child soldier from Cambodia tells Nadine Bateman about his anti-landmine campaign and the children who benefit
It can be challenging to learn to live with friends, but as long as you're considerate and open, it's a great away to make memories.
There's nothing like finding someone you can discuss all your problems with.
When these Beijing-based alt-rock musicians perform live, no one – not even them – knows what will happen.
The band has set aside their surf-rock style for a sense of nostalgia.
Following the debut of his mini album, 'April, And A Flower' comes an impressive follow-up record of love songs.
The YA novel, set in Britain during WWI, is a great choice for fans of thrillers.
From 'Final Fantasy' developer Square Enix, this throwback has great (but challenging) gameplay and wonderful visuals.
The 15-year-old American, who took out Venus Williams at this year's Wimbledon, beat the 2017 French Open champion in Linz, Austria on Sunday.
Mass gathering is set to take place on private property at university campus, but participants could still be subject to anti-mask law.
1. B 2.(a) 1  (b) 3  (c) 2 3. having a positive attitude/observing the coach’s body language/remembering some Chinese terms  4. attributes
1. Gen Z  2. ripe for the picking 3. Those born after 2000 who have savings in the bank; this generation frequently uses online payment platforms which have increasingly been targeted by fraudsters.
The mostly peaceful rally, which drew out tens of thousands of people, was the first to secure police approval since the mask ban came into effect.
Classes have been cancelled for the next three days after angry students smash glass doors and graffiti walls, demanding full footage of the 15-year-old protester found dead.
From not awarding Gandhi to honouring a man who produced chemical weapons for WWI, the committees' decisions haven't always gone down well.
Lydia Ko has high hopes of winning the first women’s Olympic golf title in 116 years.
It’s nearly the end of the Rio Olympics and local athletes have broken a number of records and given Hong Kong lots of reasons to be proud. Here are some highlights.
Crowned by wreaths, faces filled with emotion, the athletes mount the podium to the strains of the Brazilian national anthem and receive their medals.
When Cristian Fragoza takes to the streets of Caracas hunting the virtual monsters of Pokemon Go, he knows he's risking his cell phone ... and maybe even his life.
South African record breaker Wayde van Niekerk surprised everyone with his victory and his coach.
Beijing launched the world’s first quantum satellite yesterday, which will help it establish “hack-proof” communications between space and the ground.
China will be helping the Syrian government in its battle against insurgents under a deal reached between Beijing and Damascus on Sunday. This is another step forward in Beijing’s engagement in the...
Have you started playing Pokemon Go yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Now you can avoid all the drama of not knowing how to hatch eggs or evolve Pokemon.
The Britpop kings received the city’s warmest welcome, despite the echoey arena’s awful sound, which rendered the guitars and rhythm dull and muddy.
Life can be tough. Here are the things Hongkongers think about to get through the day
When Thud frontwoman Kim sings from behind her mint green keyboard, her hands float as if guided by an invisible tide.
Teenagers under the age of 18 very rarely get the chance to enter the race track in Happy Valley – but our junior reporters went to visit the Hong Kong Racing Museum.
Educators have been confused by a threat from authorities to disqualify teachers who promote Hong Kong independence, and have questioned the legal standing behind the stern warning.
Critics have lashed director Timur Bekmambetov like a borrowed chariot horse for all sorts of things in his movie Ben Hur, but really, what would be the point of copying the 11-Oscar-winning 1959...
Play a duet solo? Bodybuilding? Go on a shopping spree? You guys had brilliant ideas!
Almost all officers in the 31,000-strong force have to report for duty on Sunday in an unusual move for the city.
The student admitted to vandalising a police station and MTR exit; his lawyer has asked the judge for leniency.
Suspension of previous ruling comes after Beijing’s harsh remarks against the decision to label the anti-mask law as unconstitutional under Basic Law.

Is it too early for Christmas songs?