Eight passengers were injured, but the MTR spokesperson gave no details on the seriousness of their injuries.
More than just memes and inspirational quotes, the app is also a great place for gorgeous pictures and cute animals that can help you de-stress.
We've rounded up the best places to find both the steamed and baked varieties of this classic yum cha delight.
As the fires continue to burn, a meteorologist explains how it impacts global warming, the effects on HK and how you can reduce your carbon footprint.
Veteran New Zealand children's author Margaret Mahy enters a crowded arena with her novel The Magician of Hoad. Here we are again in a fantasy land where...
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, Sun Yuen Long Centre is putting on a display with lanterns created by mainland artists Wan Ming and Yang Jian. Both artists are...
The Sony PSP has had a makeover. It's now smaller and lighter than ever, with a sophisticated design featuring a sliding display panel. It has been christened the PSPgo. After the incredibly...
Best known for their 1986 song (and identically named album) The Final Countdown, Swedish rock band Europe has just released its eighth studio album, Last Look At Eden...
Asian Mariah Coco Lee took about two years to complete her new album East to West which, as the title suggests, blends Western elements with her Eastern origins. Unfortunately...
Other than reporters and photographers, who work for a newspaper?
Rescue Listen to this internet radio news item about a rescue operation in Guangxi Province and then answer the questions.
Something borrowed, seen anew
The beginning of Sherlock Holmes
TIM: Hi. This is listening plus. You’re with Timothy Chui and today I’ll be speaking with political reporter Eva Wu on local journalists reporting on the mainland. Thanks for joining us. First off...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with political reporter Eva Wu on local journalists reporting the incidents in Xinjiang.
Our fictional student reporter Jason Yip learns the hard way why it is important to arrive on time for an interview. This week: Top tips from professionals on how to write a balanced story.
Copenhagen-based alternative rockers Mew set new standards with their fifth studio album No More Stories...
TIM: Hi, this is listening plus and you’re with Timothy Chui. Today we’ll be speaking with the international desk editor Ian Young about the latest Japanese elections. Thanks for joining us. First...
Saanchi Shah, from King George V school, explains how she and her family observe one of their religion's most significant holidays.
Write a game review of 300-450 words and you could have your work published on 'Young Post' and win the new portable gaming system.
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a Mobile Pixels Duex duo monitor.
We all know how bad the landfill situation is in Hong Kong, so it's good to know what steps we can take to ease the problem.
You know that feeling of catching 40 winks and ending up more tired than before? We've all been there, but there are easy ways to avoid it happening.
The Hong Kong rail operator is likely to extend service hours instead of offering transport through the night after moon-gazing gatherings.
Deadline to sign up is October 8 this year, as exam authority reveals important dates and details.
We received some incredible artwork, and we need your help settling on the ultimate winner.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week …
Human chains are formed at schools across HK; students say demonstrations will continue until further action is taken.
As the fires continue to burn, a meteorologist explains how it impacts global warming, the effects on HK and how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Copy cat: Chinese firm creates first cloned kitten

Seven months after his pet cat Garlic died, 23-year-old Huang Yu's British shorthair was given a 10th life. "Born" for the second time on July 21, the new Garlic was created by Chinese company...
The group received a letter of objection from the police regarding Sunday's demonstration.
The transport network cited safety concerns due to the ongoing protests.
Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can withYoung Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
Two flatmates made a surprising discovery when they furnish their new home.
Pro-democracy protesters disrupt a speech by Li Fei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) of the People's Republic of China at a briefing session on constitutional development in Hong Kong.
Activists’ hopes for genuine democracy were crushed after China announced on Sunday that the city’s next leader would be vetted by a pro-Beijing committee. A coalition of pro-democracy groups has...
She can recite and spell all the months of the year. He can barely remember the names of the months. Both children are five years old and attend pre-school. The difference...
Over the summer, several students interned at the company I work for. Although I was never officially an intern, I did have some temporary jobs. I wanted to take on as many tasks as possible and make...
With another summer come and gone, we asked our readers to tell us about the highlights of their long holiday. Here are the best answers ...
Unfair. This is how Arthur Lau describes Hong Kong. The government, the education system, the widening wealth gap ... they're all unfair. So the 27-year-old decided something had to be done...
The death of Robin Williams reminds us that even people who appear to be happy can be suffering.
For a few days after Robin Williams' death, there was a lot of talk about depression. It was known that Williams suffered badly from it before he died. Even though depression affects an estimated 100...
At university, I was told a lot about seizing every single opportunity and applying for internships. I was also told, though, that internships should only be done after the second year of university...
Orbis Moonwalkers
Whether you are a marathon runner, you have a thing for climbing stairs or you prefer working out at night, read on. We are sure there's a charity sports challenge for you.
Alex Goot (in white) and Against the Current shared the stage at Macpherson Stadium - but not for nearly long enough.
Getting to a concert venue after the start time listed on the ticket is the norm in Hong Kong, especially when you have seats. Some acts make you wait for an hour. Astonishingly, Against the Current...
Finally somebody has made a live-action Street Fighter film that doesn't make you want to shakunetsu hadouken the DVR to bits.
Sonali effortlessly radiates Hermione's easy-going look that is both youthful and polished.
Everyone needs a hero, and for girls, some of the best role models are found in fiction. This month we look at four heroines, and how their distinct personalities can be translated into hair and make...
There's been a rather shocking murder at Deepdean School for Young Ladies, a highly respectable boarding establishment for the daughters of the well-to-do. The event has shaken everyone to the core....
Sylvester Stallone is back in action with his old (and I do mean "old") buddies. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger hauls his haggard corpse onto the screen for Expendables 3.
The annual tennis tournament, which was to feature Naomi Osaka, as well as the award-winning theatre production have been 'postponed', organisers say.
The 18-year-old University of Hong Kong student will compete against other STEM enthusiasts from around the world in the semi-final round.
Mobile applications will streamline donation process and allow for more efficient distribution of goods.

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