Kowloon City is famous for its huge range of restaurants serving this Southeast Asia cuisine, so we narrowed down the best choices for you
The Guy Fawkes mask from the popular Hollywood film has been taken up as a worldwide symbol against repression
You've heard of hygge; here are some more of our favourite untranslatable words related to well-being from 'The Positive Lexicography'
Photographer Tommy Fung uses his camera skills and Photoshop to combine real life and comedy.
Moveable type: press carved invention official Books for everyone: wealthy/rich expensive famous few Unrecognised: founded literacy sued annual
In 1450, Johannes Gutenberg made history by inventing the printing press. Although it was later improved upon, his invention was the basis of...
Since climate change has been deemed a global crisis, people have entered a new age - green living. Eco-friendly technologies are 'greening' an important aspect of life - books...
The tiger is crouching just around the corner waiting to bring good fortune this Lunar New Year - and there's love in the air, too!
Recently, two boys boasted on Facebook about having sex with their underage girlfriends on Stanley beach. A photo showed a...
The man whose ideas launched communism died before his ideas took off
Can I have a show of hands, instead of a show of fists? The high-speed railway to Guangzhou has sparked debate among the Hong Kong public. Thousands of people took their...
A big thinker edge = brink power to affect somebody = influence fabric = textile work together = collaborate Marx and China newspaper revolution collaborate
Tigers have not been sighted for more than 50 years near Hong Kong, nor anywhere else in South China for some 20 years. But this year, their influence will be felt everywhere...
Frances Hardinge's Gullstruck Island plunges the reader in a dazzling and richly imagined fantasy that...
The dollar sign in Ke$ha, whose real name is Kesha Rose Sebert, may strike some as manifesting a shallow, mercenary ambition. But after listening to her debut album Animal, she...
Occasionally you play a new album with no expectations - or worse, low ones - and find yourself stunned by what comes out of the speakers. Mary J Blige's Stronger With Each Tear i
Smashing his way from the big screen to your living room screen, The Hulk's most recent appearance is in the new Marvel Comics animated movie, Planet Hulk. This is probably...
The demonstrations have gone from protesting the fugitive bill to pressing for universal suffrage, and inquiries into alleged police brutality.
Surveillance footage from North District Hospital in Sheung Shui appears to show two officers hitting the elderly man on the night of June 25.
The campaign targeted the protest movement and called demonstrators 'terrorists' and 'cockroaches'.
In her press conference, the Chief Executive did not comment on the public's demands for an independent commission into alleged police misconduct.
With his film 'Dance. Create Miracles', Wah Yan College alumnus Parco Ho aims to explore what's still seen as a taboo in Chinese culture.
Jehangir Hormusjee Ruttonjee faced business failures, political unrest and personal tragedy in Hong Kong, but his devotion to the city and its people never wavered.
A sit-in is also planned at Yuen Long MTR for the one-month anniversary of the attacks by a mob in white shirts.
A recent study commissioned by WWF found that we could be ingesting up to 5 grams a week, mostly from water.
Mussels are delicious, but they are also excellent filters, and could help in the fight to protect the environment.
Videos on social media show images of missing loved ones in an effort to find them, as many have been taken away and put in camps
Although the assault happened in June, the force only started investigating once lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting helped bring the case to light.
What began as a peaceful gathering lead to a small group of demonstrators setting off fire extinguishers and barriers.
The iconic building in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for great food and cheap accommodation, but it’s the inhabitants that make the complex so special.

Washington hosts Pokémon World Championships

Pokémon -- the small, adorable creatures with special fighting abilities -- have been around for more than two decades, and they’re as popular as ever, mainly due to families sharing the legacy with...
The South American country sees little hope of relief soon, as the rainy season won't begin until December.
Terror attacks across Brussels, capital of Belgium and centre of the European Union
In the 1880s, American journalist Nellie Bly sailed around the world. Read what happened on her record-breaking journey.
In the 1880s, American journalist Nellie Bly sailed around the world. Listen to what happened on her record-breaking journey.
YCH Tung Chi Ying Memorial Secondary School (YCH) were crowned champions of the All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Football Tournament 2015-2016, beating Jockey Club Ti-I College in the final.
Christy Chan Oi-ling, 24, is a Hongkonger studying for a Masters of Financial Management in Vlerick Business School, in Brussels, Belgium. She spoke to Young Post about heading into the city just...
Most young people would probably have heard of Blackalicious when Daniel Radcliffe flawlessly rapped their song, Alphabet Aerobics, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2014.
Prison inmates in Hong Kong get more outdoor exercise time than primary and secondary school students, says a University of Hong Kong researcher.
Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong
For more than a month, federal investigators have insisted they have no alternative but to force Apple to help them open up a phone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.
Kitty Chan Hau-yi is studying to be a primary school maths teacher at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, but lately she’s been getting a different sort of education - in spider crabs.
Curbs on freedom are being felt across Hong Kong. One playwright worries that artistic freedom in the city could be under threat from political interference.
A few days ago, one of the prompts for the DSE Chinese Paper 4 (Speaking) asked: Which “taste” would you use to describe the lives of Hong Kong senior secondary school students?
A guilty verdict is hardly in doubt, but how the tribunal handles the case will profoundly effect how the world responds to other mass atrocities
There are many parallels between Hong Kong and Singapore. Both tout themselves as “Asia’s world city”, and both have a rightful claim to the crown. However, Singapore edges Hong Kong out in one key...
The government is reluctant to introduce light pollution legislation and has relaxed regulation on Earth Hour participation.
Hong Kong’s embattled leader and police force apologised to the local Islamic community for spraying the entrance to the city’s biggest mosque with blue solution from a water cannon on Monday.
World leaders gathered in Tokyo to witness Naruhito's enthronement, complete with sacred treasures and traditional outfits
The man suspected of killing his pregnant girlfriend was released from prison yesterday morning, having served time for a different crime.

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