Photographer Tommy Fung uses his camera skills and Photoshop to combine real life and comedy.
The teens took a life-changing trip to the African island and learned about the impact that economics has on global warming.
Organisations such as Feeding Hong Kong and Food Angel are reducing waste and providing healthy meals to those in need.
From not awarding Gandhi to honouring a man who produced chemical weapons for WWI, the committees' decisions haven't always gone down well.
Tiu Tiu Fu is the star of the show at Hong Kong Disneyland - of course! watch the slideshow
Two Young Post cub reporters reflect on their first-ever visit to Hong Kong Disneyland
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In 1450, Johannes Gutenberg made history by inventing the printing press. Although it was later improved upon, his invention was the basis of...
Since climate change has been deemed a global crisis, people have entered a new age - green living. Eco-friendly technologies are 'greening' an important aspect of life - books...
The tiger is crouching just around the corner waiting to bring good fortune this Lunar New Year - and there's love in the air, too!
Recently, two boys boasted on Facebook about having sex with their underage girlfriends on Stanley beach. A photo showed a...
The man whose ideas launched communism died before his ideas took off
Can I have a show of hands, instead of a show of fists? The high-speed railway to Guangzhou has sparked debate among the Hong Kong public. Thousands of people took their...
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Tigers have not been sighted for more than 50 years near Hong Kong, nor anywhere else in South China for some 20 years. But this year, their influence will be felt everywhere...
Frances Hardinge's Gullstruck Island plunges the reader in a dazzling and richly imagined fantasy that...
The dollar sign in Ke$ha, whose real name is Kesha Rose Sebert, may strike some as manifesting a shallow, mercenary ambition. But after listening to her debut album Animal, she...
The Front had applied for permission for 300,000 people to participate, and are "extremely unhappy" with the decision.
Researchers also find that the younger people are when they start to smoke e-cigarettes, the more likely they are to try pot.
Visit a herd of hungry elephants at the Mountain Sanctuary and try a bowl of delicious curry noodle soup in beautiful Chiang Mai.
You can also try foosball, darts, air hockey and other activities at this party venue.
Yesterday fans called for the concerts to be cancelled after Jackson Wang posted pro-China messages on Weibo; today the gigs were postponed.
#BoycottMulan trends on social media after actress shares a post by Communist Party newspaper
Hundreds of educators gathered to speak out against violence in a protest organised by the HK Professional Teachers' Union, while later, others gathered in support of the police force.
More than 22,000 people joined the "Protect our Next Generation, Speak for our Conscience" march. We talked to a few of these educators about their reasons for demonstrating.
They are the first school from Hong Kong to win this prestigious global singing contest.
The group estimates that more than 2.9 million pieces of this seasonal dessert will end up in the landfill.
Other teens said they would join assemblies outside of school or wear ribbons in solidarity.
Some educators fear cutting parts of the Chinese exam will lead to a decline in use of Cantonese, while others say it will help reduce students’ heavy workload.
Marium became known as the 'nation's sweetheart' after photos of her being fed and hugged spread across social media in April.
Although the rally was only permitted to take place in Victoria Park, police did not condemn the demonstration and described the day as nonviolent.
The advice from a social worker comes after a Form Six student from De La Salle Secondary School was charged with attacking a police officer.
We spoke to some of the people being helped by Christian Action about the hardships they must endure while their applications are processed.
Serious rowers usually only focus on fine rowing, but Dylan Robinson of German Swiss International School learned open water techniques as well.
Stunning instrumentals and personal connections made the night unforgettable with a meaningful and touching performance.
As part of the learning support team at Hong Kong’s ISF Academy, he is empowered to make his own decisions rather than follow orders.
From OG content creators like Banzz to newcomers like Stephanie Soo, here's a list that all foodies will love
Many businesses are losing money as travel to the city declines, especially tour companies that rely on visitors
Maxim's outlets such as Starbucks and Simplylife were targets of vandalism, as well as various MTR stations, in a day of violence and petrol bombs.
Education Bureau chief Kevin Yeung also reiterated that anti-mask law officially came into effect last Saturday.
Eimi Haga of Japan’s Mie University received top marks with her creative method of writing.
It can be challenging to learn to live with friends, but as long as you're considerate and open, it's a great away to make memories.
There's nothing like finding someone you can discuss all your problems with.
The band has set aside their surf-rock style for a sense of nostalgia.
Following in the footsteps of Olympic medal winner Sarah Lee, Ceci Lee Sze-wing already has an impressive track record in Asia.
From not awarding Gandhi to honouring a man who produced chemical weapons for WWI, the committees' decisions haven't always gone down well.
The stellar cast, which includes Chloe Grace Moretz and Snoop Dogg, give this cartoon remake a spooky and spunky vibe.
Being annoying is the best gameplay mechanic in the latest stealth game from Australian indie developer House House.
Hundreds of teens sang and chanted anti-government slogans during a peaceful demonstration at Sun Yat-sen place on Friday evening.

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