Organisations such as Feeding Hong Kong and Food Angel are reducing waste and providing healthy meals to those in need.
From not awarding Gandhi to honouring a man who produced chemical weapons for WWI, the committees' decisions haven't always gone down well.
From OG content creators like Banzz to newcomers like Stephanie Soo, here's a list that all foodies will love
As part of the learning support team at Hong Kong’s ISF Academy, he is empowered to make his own decisions rather than follow orders.
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Tigers have not been sighted for more than 50 years near Hong Kong, nor anywhere else in South China for some 20 years. But this year, their influence will be felt everywhere...
Frances Hardinge's Gullstruck Island plunges the reader in a dazzling and richly imagined fantasy that...
The dollar sign in Ke$ha, whose real name is Kesha Rose Sebert, may strike some as manifesting a shallow, mercenary ambition. But after listening to her debut album Animal, she...
Occasionally you play a new album with no expectations - or worse, low ones - and find yourself stunned by what comes out of the speakers. Mary J Blige's Stronger With Each Tear i
Smashing his way from the big screen to your living room screen, The Hulk's most recent appearance is in the new Marvel Comics animated movie, Planet Hulk. This is probably...
Chocolate is not just a tasty treat: it can also be used to create art. Koo Ka-chun, executive chef of Vero Chocolates, and a master chocolate sculptor, is...
Understanding climate change and finding a solution for the problem relies on science. But recently a scandal, named Climategate, has...
De Niro's career takes another turn in Everybody's Fine. He plays a...
Loosely based on the 80s classic musical film of the same name, Fame is a fictional account of the hopes and ....
Living in a modern city like Hong Kong, it's hard to imagine a building being reduced to rubble within seconds. But not anymore. Four people died and...
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A group of students express their feelings about what it's like to be involved in the arts...
Stewards Pooi Kei College vs Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School. Motion: Boosting green energy production is a win-win solution
While you're planning how to spend or stash your New Year's cash, you might want to think of creative ways to pass it along to your friends. There's nothing...
His comments follow the government's decision to deny permanent residence to people who claim benefits such as food stamps or Medicaid.
Ward off any unwanted visitors tonight – and for the rest of the month – by avoiding these superstitious acts.
Two men were tied up and beaten by some radical activists during a night of clashes at Chek Lap Kok.
The 16-year-old Swede, who spearheaded the #FridaysForFuture student strikes, will join talks in New York before heading to Canada, Mexico and Chile.
Many fear for his safety after the GOT7 group member angered HK by calling himself "a guardian of the Chinese flag".
The martial arts superstar made headlines 15 months ago in a photo that showed the effects of his battle with hyperthyroidism.
A new study suggests that microplastic has been ignored as a source of contamination, following its discovery in some of the most remote areas of the world.
The Hong Kong Observatory predicts showers and hot weather over the next few days.
Do your bit for the environment when you shop: buy food in bulk, and avoid single-use plastic packaging
Sequel has the birds teaming up with pigs, and also stars Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Peter Dinklage.
Home to beaches, fresh seafood and beautiful Instagram-worthy backdrops, the second-largest city in the country is the perfect place to spend a day.
Residents say they have been asked to unlock their mobile phones when trying to cross the border, and officers have checked their messages
The school has installed a new solar power system which will help to cut its electricity bill by 70-80 per cent.
Hong Kong’s Consumer Council warns that slime-based toys can cause nausea and skin allergies.
Last year’s Student of the Year Community Contributor award-winner, Charmaine Wong Tsz-ching, was actively involved in the Hong Kong branches of international charities such as Orbis and Unicef.
Ten Years is a movie set in the year 2025, depicting a dystopian world in which Hongkongers rights, freedom and ways of life have been eroded by the influence of the mainland Government.
Recently, I noticed some are terrified of public speaking. It is strange that communicating, something that is inherently part of our social nature, could become such a source of anxiety.
Hong Kong 10 dollar notes contain animal fat, just like the British five-pound notes, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority confirmed to Young Post.
A factory in Huizhou, Guangdong that makes the display screens for the Apple iPhone has been found to make its employees work in horrible conditions.
Hong Kong won the inaugural Asia Rugby U18 Girls Sevens Championship in Dubai, beating Kazakhstan 12-5 in a tense final played before large crowds at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Dubai...
“There are approximately 170,000 VI people living in Hong Kong at the moment,” says Andy Ho, executive director of HKGDA. “Our goal is to give 1 per cent of them guide dogs.”
Wearing a sweeping black dress and a matching crop top that showed off her well-toned arms, Elise Liu took a deep breath, massaged her fingers, and adjusted her grip on the two mallets she held.
Pan-democrats and legal advisor contest Financial Secretary John Tsang’s refusal, saying government should wait for High Court ruling
The transition from high school to university was huge. I went from a senior class of about 150 at Sha Tin College, to a first-year class of more than 6,000 at UCLA.
One in three Form Five students face a “national identity crisis” as they do not consider themselves Chinese citizens, according to a survey.
Replicas of the lions, Stephen and Sitt, were painted in bold rainbow designs as part of the “Celebrate Pride, Celebrate Unity” campaign.
Each week, two of our readers will debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week’s topic is ...
To learn more about the sport of orienteering, we went to an expert: last year’s SCMP Student of the Year (Sportsperson) winner Harmony Lam Cho-yu.
Taking time out of your day to write something, even if it’s just a couple of sentences, can help improve your creative writing, fine-tune your ability to focus, and relieve stress.
Mass gathering is set to take place on private property at university campus, but participants could still be subject to anti-mask law.
Chief executive delivered her speech via recorded video after being heckled by opposition lawmakers in the Legislative Council.
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a Mobile Pixels Duex duo monitor.

Is the mask ban fair?