While they may have signed to Sammi Cheng's record label, the band is staying true to its musical origins
School-based concern groups are using social media platforms to encourage peers to attend this anti-Elab demonstration.
The iconic building in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for great food and cheap accommodation, but it’s the inhabitants that make the complex so special.
With his film 'Dance. Create Miracles', Wah Yan College alumnus Parco Ho aims to explore what's still seen as a taboo in Chinese culture.
Karaoke favourites the Carpenters joined their record company 40 years ago; 40/40 celebrates four decades of memorable music with a...
Mary Hoffman, a skilled writer of historical fiction for teens, takes us back to the South of France at the start of the 13th century in Troubadour
Like a bowl of congee, Julie & Julia gives an instant hit of emotional comfort. In this true story, the hard work...
Celebrating the series' 10th anniversary, Keroro the Movie 4 opens as a mysterious giant being appears on earth. Nobody...
A naive young girl and a magical stuffed toy are on a mission to heal wounded hearts in new anime Kobato
November 30, 2009 - 'Three writs seek hk$ 91m from accountant'
The first words I said to my father when Silent Sound finally arrived in Halifax after sailing through the Canadian Arctic were...
A Form Seven student has come up with an innovative, simple technology that turns waste into energy. It won him the top prize in ...
Kowloon and hk_L
A popular oldie from the 1960s - Kowloon Hong Kong - celebrates the Kowloon peninsula and Hong Kong Island as 'the place for you'. But most people who live here would...
This is your chance of having your seasonal greeting published
November 27, 2009 - 'Mainland unveils carbon target'
As a young girl, Japanese artist and author Akiko Ikeda dreamed up a world in which plants talk to each other and animals that are normally enemies become friends. The magical land is...
Young Post provides a Q&A for all the questions you may have about this deadly illness.
A timeline of the deadly Ebola outbreak in Congo and how it came to be a global health concern.
If you’re trying to cut down on your meat intake, here are five plant-based substitutes for animal products that can ease the process.
Team of five secondary students received training from the HKUST and Academy for Gifted Education before the competition.
It’s one small step to your couch, but one giant leap into the world of sci-fi.
The virus has killed 11,000 so far people and the risk of spread within the region remains high.
March organised by the Civil Human Rights Front is the sixth large-scale protest they have held so far.
Armed with bamboo and metal sticks, men believed to be gangsters beat protesters and passersby after breaking into the New Territories train station.

Malaysia's 'Phoenix': hijab-wearing wrestler breaking barriers

Standing 155cm tall and weighing in at just 43 kilos, hijab-wearing Malaysian wrestler Nor Diana, known as "Phoenix", cuts an unusual figure in the ring - a female Muslim fighter taking on larger...

The five best açaí bowl in Hong Kong

Once again, our cadets went hunting for the best bites in Hong Kong. This time, they're bringing us the five best açaí bowls in town.
Answers 1 Mr and Mrs Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling
The 25-year-old Korean-American artist is returning to her roots with a tour of Asia this summer, but also focusing on self-care and new music.
At a press conference, the Chief Executive and police chief Stephen Lo, repeated the same rhetoric, and failed to directly answer journalists' questions.
Beat the heat this summer with some of the most refreshing acai and smoothie bowls in the city.
Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
Let’s face it, school lunches are not always the most appetising of meals, nor the most healthy.
Water sports are diverse and exhilarating. For DBS's fish in the water, it's so exciting he sees no point in limiting himself to just one discipline.
Thanks to a monsoon over the mainland, we’re about to head back to January’s cold and cloudy weather.
Each week, our two teenagers will debate a hot topic. This week...
Ma Ngok believed Hong Kong Indigenous candidate Edward Leung Tin-kei will gain more support from voters who support their radical political philosophies.
Taylor Swift’s switch from country to pop has been rewarded with her second Grammy Award win for album of the year.
Be careful if you are having a private conversation with a friend. Don't talk too loudly - someone nearby might be listening to every word you say. Listen to these two conversations which were...
Be careful if you are having a private conversation with a friend. Don't talk too loudly - someone nearby might be listening to every word you say. Listen to these two conversations which were...
The Mong Kok riot seemed to be sparked by people passionately defending street food stalls, but some say it's more to do with a loss of culture and identity than just feeling hungry.
The missing Hong Kong bookseller who sold gossipy books about the Chinese leadership could face more than 10 years behind bars for allegedly “blackmailing” the people in the books his store published...
Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Vote for your favourite answer.
Apple is refusing to crack and iPhone that the FBI says might hold crucial evidence in a terrorism investigation
Once you emerge from your cocoon of good food and sleeping in, it feels good to shake off that sluggish winter feeling and gain a spring in your step.
Hong Kong protesters are calling for a peaceful show of solidarity inspired by the Baltic Way political demonstration which happened on August 23, 1989.
The ‘Mulan’ actress came under fire after showing support for the Hong Kong Police Force last week on Chinese social media platform Weibo.
The video for the title track from her upcoming seventh album, released during a YouTube livestream, is packed with hidden clues and heartwarming cuteness.

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