Do your bit for the environment when you shop: buy food in bulk, and avoid single-use plastic packaging
Whether they’re writing songs or rocking out to a Hong Kong crowd, AliA knows everyone deserves a solo sometimes.
Some of us love it, and some of us hate it – but more thought goes into the food you’re served on a plane than you’d think.
Educational and impressive, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a mainland-made animation for children and teens. A group of cute goats ...
Bon Jovi travels back in time on their new album The Circle. This is the band's 11th studio album and heralds a return to...
Shannon Hale's new story, The Book Of A Thousand Days, takes a Grimm fairy tale...
The latest fantasy anime to hit the Japan, Fairy Tail, is based on the manga created by Hiro Mashima, who also penned...
November 25, 2009 - 'Government goes on attack over democrats' reform 'referendum''
If you think Cantonese opera is only for grandparents, Form Seven students Hyris Ma Hoi-yau and Roy Lo Hoi-yin would like to convince you otherwise...
Chan Wing-lam is a multi-talented artist who excels in both drawing and dancing. Thanks to her drawing skills, she became...
November 24, 2009 - 'HK urged to raise charges for water'
The Young Post Making the Headlines programme was launched at the beginning of term. So far, six schools have...
If you’ve ever wondered about Bruce Lee’s martial arts philosophy, then welcome to...
November 23, 2009 - Gone fishing: for a big opportunity
Under the Arctic ice and the sea, lie billions of dollars worth of oil and gas...
Environmental advocate Natalie Ng Sze-man has topped 100 applicants to become Greenpeace Hong Kong's Climate Hero. She will fly to...
If you would like to participate to the next NESTA-SCMP Debating Competition please get in contact with the Competition Coordinator Stan Dyer at debating@nesta.hk
Home team Stewards Pooi Kei College vs St Rose of Lima's College. Motion: watching reality TV shows is a good way for teenagers to learn about human relations
Protesters blame police who ‘blocked demonstrators from exiting shopping centre’ while officers say they were forced to act after being hit with objects thrown from above.
Shoot virtual meteorites out of the sky to protect Saturn's moon in new ride at Ocean Park.
Mega stars headline musical update to beloved 1994 animated film, but overall effort less fun than original.
A member of local forum LIHKG proved that a photo purporting to be of an injured officer's hand was in fact from a 2015 Taiwanese news story.
The sequel to 2015's hit platformer adds more tools to the Course Maker mode and a single-player story campaign.
Local tertiary institutions have announced their most applied for bachelor degrees this year.
Joanna Kwok has succeeded in the maritime industry by overcoming outdated gender stereotypes; now she hopes other girls will do the same.
Many throat lozenge companies do not provide information on ingredients, side effects or daily intake limits, says Hong Kong’s consumer watchdog.

Hong Kong's first female marine engineer: Joanna Kwok

Joanna Kwok has steered her own path in the maritime industry by becoming Hong Kong's first female marine engineer. Now she hopes other girls will follow in her footsteps.
Emily Tang, the 2017 winner of the Spirit of Hong Kong Innovating for Good award, designed a toilet which is safer to use for Parkinson’s patients.
Temperatures hit 21 degrees Celsius in Alert, Canada on Sunday - its average daily temperature in July is only 3 degrees.
Documentary-style shows like 'Mars' and series like the exciting 'Star Trek: Discovery' make our list of the top spaced-themed series.
Protesters will march from Victoria Park to the Court of Final Appeal, and end the rally at Chater Road.
French fries, fried chicken thighs, egg tarts and pineapple buns with butter are also among the city’s favourites, according to online survey.
Social-media-savvy protesters share honour with US President Donald Trump, K-pop giants BTS, singer Ariana Grande and more.
Entries focus on themes ranging from tiger parents to fishermen to love and human feelings.
Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
Photography enthusiasts have flocked to capture shots of owls recently spotted nesting on trees in Lok Wah Street Playground in Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong.
There is bad blood no more: Swift posted a video of Perry's apology gift and note in an Instagram story.
The founder of the LKF group is a master of publicity and says the can-do spirit is what Hong Kong is all about.
Media reports suggested the government would consider making the subject an elective one – and teachers disagree, according to a PTU survey.
Call in The Avengers – someone has stolen Iron Man’s suit.
Sometimes, the warnings about the challenges get more traction than the actual challenges themselves.
Every day can feel like an endless To-Do list. We know how hard it is to keep up with what's going on in the world, so to make life easier, we curate a Flipboard magazine of the most important...
Almost 90,000 were killed and hundreds of thousands injured in a natural disaster whose effects are still being felt
Succeeding in this creative problem-solving competition needs more than logic and a level head. It can take imagination, teamwork and even some colourful hand-made props and costumes.
Not only would residents of land up for development receive the money, they would also be rehoused.
Written exams start on March 29 while the results will be posted on July 10.
#BoycottMulan trends on social media after actress shares a post by Communist Party newspaper
Yesterday fans called for the concerts to be cancelled after Jackson Wang posted pro-China messages on Weibo; today the gigs were postponed.
Marium became known as the 'nation's sweetheart' after photos of her being fed and hugged spread across social media in April.

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