What can you do with recyclable things that can’t be placed into the tricolour recycling bins?
Michael Jordan, J.K. Rowling, and Steve Jobs also experienced the bitter taste of failure before making it big.
Joanna Kwok has succeeded in the maritime industry by overcoming outdated gender stereotypes; now she hopes other girls will do the same.
The Hong Kong-based French photographer is holding an exhibition entitled City Poetry at the Blue Lotus Gallery.
Every sector has its own jargon and newspapers are no exception. The following is a list of words you may hear in news rooms and what they mean
Parents might worry puppy love will get in the way of their children's studies - or worse - and forbid them from spending free time with the opposite sex. But...
Whether you're negotiating with your parents about your next night out or trying to knock off 40 per cent on a Temple Street purchase, arguments...
When did Young Post start and how did it look like then? Check out the history of your newspaper
Saturday is Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Young Post team has been on a mooncake taste-testing binge in pursuit of the perfect festive treat. Here are...
A short timeline of The South China Morning Post history.
Most of us might remember trying to connect the dotted lines in a cursive handwriting copybook back in Primary Three. But education experts say...
Trees For Streets You are interested in environmental issues and you come across this podcast about an interesting project to improve some of the streets of London. Listen to the podcast and then...
Trees For Streets Voice 1: You are interested in environmental issues and you come across this podcast about an interesting project to improve some of the streets of London. Listen to the podcast...
Wu Wing-kui has been working as a tattoo artist for 15 years. Tastes, he says, have changed immensely over that time - and in a way that allow him to be more...
TIM: Hi, this is Timothy Chui and you’re listening to listening plus.
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with labour and welfare reporter Agnes Lam about a recent construction accident at the International Commerce Centre.
Reflexology is very popular in Hong Kong, but fish reflexology is a new variation on a familiar theme. Also known as fish spas, the idea...
Almost half a century ago, four young lads from the British city of Liverpool formed the greatest band in the history of music and started the...
A classic Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, The Proposal is a hilarious film about giving in to love. Rom-com queen Bullock plays...
You'll want to binge-watch all these K-dramas on our curated list.

Snowball proves cockatoos loves dancing, just like humans

Snowball, a sulphur-crested cockatoo, shot to YouTube stardom a decade ago for his remarkable ability to rock out to the Backstreet Boys. Now our feathered friend is back, having learnt a dizzying...
Fears raised that students who do not speak Chinese are being let down by curriculum that prevents them reaching higher standards in local language.
Refresh of popular Nintendo Switch will not have detachable Joy-Con controllers and cannot output games to a TV.
The companies' decision has sent many anti-Elab protesters to the shops to buy their products.
The Hok Yau Club Student Guidance Centre said the drop is possibly due to their being fewer candidates as well as more student services.
From pooping Gudetama chocolate buns to dan dan xiao long bao fill with spicy mala sauce, these are the city’s must-try yum cha delicacies.
Deodorant isn’t the only option for staying dry in the humid Hong Kong summer.
The K-pop heartthrobs release Japanese song written for their dedicated fanbase.
Collages of artwork and notes created by anti-extradition bill protesters have been popping up across the city.
Like in the American original, this Korean adaptation sees Ji Jin-hee thrown into the deep end of running a country.
Mass rally will push for five key concessions from the government, including total withdrawal of the now-suspended bill.
Tse Sze-man received the support of the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, which helped her develop effective study techniques.
Colourful collages of Post-it notes were a landmark feature of the 2014 Occupy protests with a Lennon Wall next to a staircase at the city’s legislature in Admiralty. Now they have made a return all...
A dream has come true for dessert lovers. They can now gorge themselves on their favourite food to their heart’s content thanks to a new ice cream invented by two young British brothers.
Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
Read a nasty comment on your post or photo? Don't stress it: combat mean people online with a few handy tips.
Bombs hidden in courier parcels delivered across a county in Guangxi province exploded yesterday, killing at least seven and injuring dozens ahead of the seven-day National Day holiday.
A roller coaster at Ocean Park stopped just before it hit a big loop, requiring passengers to get off mid-ride
Discover a whole world beneath the waves, as YP cadet Kira Lai tells you what to look for, and where to find it.
This conversation between good friends Alice and Polly. They've been friends since primary one, but now they go to different secondary schools. When they meet up, they always have a lot to talk about.
Listen to this conversation between good friends Alice and Polly. They've been friends since primary one, but now they go to different secondary schools. When they meet up, they always have a lot to...
Hugh Jackman's recent trip to Hong Kong to promote his upcoming film Pan had him talking about everything from wigs to overcoming fear
School has started, and I want to take a moment to reflect on how much we have grown over the summer holidays.
A traditional British tea shop. There are Union Jack cushions at every sofa, tiny tables barely big enough for a pot of tea, and even fake books in a bookshelf-style wall display.
In Hotel Transylvania 2, Mavis and Jonny are grown up, and there's a new addition to the family. But will baby Dennis be more like his vampire mum or his human dad?
Good guy Hugh Jackman talks about playing the villain in upcoming film Pan, and being part of Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations.
At AsiaWord-Expo, Muse delivered an unflinching setlist peppered with the kind of authority-bashing, conspiracy-courting calls to arms that have earned them their eccentric reputation.
When we feel sure of ourselves, our body and brain chemistry changes. Here's how we can fool our bodies into feeling more powerful just by changing our posture.
Social-media-savvy protesters share honour with US President Donald Trump, K-pop giants BTS, singer Ariana Grande and more.
Professor Zhang attended a forum with students on Thursday evening, and vowed to listen more carefully their voices in the future.
A conclusive list of the best science-based movies about space travel, from "Hidden Figures" to the classic "2001: A Space Odyssey".

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