You can also carve up the slopes at an indoor skiing venue or chuck heavy stones at...other heavy stones in an introductory curling course.
The American singer-songwriter also reveals why he loves inviting fans into his personal life and why he posts on Instagram at least once every two days.
The night outdoors was organised by local charity ImpactHK and hosted by comedian Vivek Mahbubani.
Try one of these super-indulgent hot chocolate recipes, and feel the winter chill - and all your worries - melt away.
The Christmas holidays are approaching fast and Young Post is running a series of workshop to celebrate. First on the list is a ‘Christmas party makeup’ workshop...
Exclusive interviews, seminar or walkathon, let's all join in supporting Nick Vujicic and his not-for-profit organisation Life Without Limbs
The social network_L
Ben Mezrich, The Social Network is a compelling, wonderfully entertaining biopic about the tumultuous years of the founding of Facebook...
space battleship yamato, resurrection_L
The greatest Japanese battleship of all time returns in Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection...
John mayer_L
American singer-songwriter John Mayer's fourth studio album, Battle Studies, went to No 1 on the US Billboard 200...
Hong Kong hosted a four-day Climate Dialogue Conference last month. It focused on different aspects of climate change...
Jake Shimabukuro plays the ukulele
Universal Children's Day, on November 20, was the inspiration behind Tedx Youth Day...
Long shine the menorah_L
Lighten up, people! Today is this year's first day of the Jewish Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah...
Speak now_taylor_L
Taylor Swift has come a long way since her first hit back in 2006, but she keeps her sweet country style in her third studio album Speak Now...
Fightback_steve voake_L
Steve Voake's Fightback is a tick-box novel, written to a formula and achieving exactly what it sets out to do...
6ixty 8ight fashion show_L
6ixty 8ight, a new brand of girly, casual and affordable leisurewear and accessories, has opened at Harbour City's LCX...
Do-it-yourself cardboard chairs part of the We Love My Chair exhibition
Detour will return this year at a great venue - the historic Victoria Prison on Old Bailey Street...
TWGHS Kap Yan Directors' College student Ben So Hoi-kin makes a point in round six of the 11th Nesta-SCMP debating competition (top) over the merits of genetically modified products
Stewards Pooi Kei College vs Pui Tak Canossian College and TWGHs Kap Yan Directors' College vs St Antonius Girls' College. Motion: What are the advantages and drawbacks of genetically modified product
Marine x mas_L
Tis the season to be jolly - and Ocean Park is helping boost the holiday spirit. As in previous years, it is launching several new Christmas-themed attractions...
The Pirates of the Panto, with Stefan and Aidan in the centre, coming soon to a stage near you
For this year's panto, Hong Kong Players have gone for something a little more piratey...

Joshua Wong's letter to Hong Kong

When Joshua Wong was imprisoned in Lai Chi Kok Correctional Institution, he wrote a letter on June 2 to the public of Hong Kong urging them to join the June 9 protest on behalf of him and other...
Fresh from his release from prison, the key leader of 2014’s Umbrella Movement is ready to throw support behind the anti-ELAB protesters.
Long-distance HK runner Alex Mai was victorious at the Standard Chartered Marathon and has his eyes on the ultimate prize of taking part in the Olympics.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week …
As you strive for your goals, you may be scared to make changes due to uncertainty. However, you need to be bold and step forward.
We talk about the history behind the popular photography location and ask the public how they feel about the ‘rainbow’ village.
Spidey just wants to backpack around Europe with his friends on holiday, but Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury has other plans for the teenage superhero.
After an injury, the protagonist is reduced to playing a masked villainous wrestler known as Cockroach Man.
In the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure, Peter Parker finds a new ally in Mysterio, as they fight off gigantic elemental monsters.
'Do You Hear the People Sing' has also been removed from the popular mainland streaming app.
Edwin Kwok is alleged to have given police close-up photos of anti-extradition-bill protesters, risking losing citizens' trust in journalists.
A group set up a crowdfunding campaign to buy adverts on newspapers including the New York Times ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping's meeting with US President Donald Trump.
Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong
The newly revised Territory-wide System Assessment aims to put less pressure on schools.
This year’s participants discuss the challenges of turning ideas into policies as they take on the role of legislative councillors.
Universities are often called ivory towers because students get so caught up in the pursuit of the intellectual, they are at one remove from the real world.
Whether the recent accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are true or not, there are wider problems with justice in the United States.
Education University of Hong Kong’s vice-president says they are taking a more holistic approach and looking beyond youngsters’ grades.
It’s now obvious that no one heading to the polls in 2016 could have grasped the full implications of this decision.
The horror writer Stephen King has given a group of teenage fans from south Wales permission to turn one of his tales into a film at a cost of $1 for the rights.
Bonus: you probably already own most of what you need to put together these looks.
Anew set of postage stamps will be released on November 9 to celebrate Ying Wa College’s 200th anniversary, the Hongkong Post announced on Thursday.
Local pastry chef Yuki Chan Hoi-ying, 22, shares her secret to creating delicious vegan desserts.
I recently took part in a workshop about Western table etiquette which was organised by my school.
We asked our readers what they bring with them everywhere they go. Here are our favourite answers.
As the beloved Halloween cult classic celebrates its 25th anniversary, let's remember all the things that made this movie so great.
As the morning session of the Inter-school Swimming Competition Finals (Division One) has concluded, 12 new records had been set.
You'll be amazed at how much better for the environment this option is!
The bombs were found at Wah Yan College in the Wan Chai district, but police do not believe the school was the intended target.
This Christmas season, we've put together a fun collection of goodies, with something different every day!
Shawn Mendes duet is smooth as silk, while ‘Easy’ introduces a more reflective approach.

What's the best way to warm up now winter is here?