We list the most useful downloads for making the most of your summer.
If you’re trying to cut down on your meat intake, here are five plant-based substitutes for animal products that can ease the process.
The 25-year-old Korean-American artist is returning to her roots with a tour of Asia this summer, but also focusing on self-care and new music.
What can you do with recyclable things that can’t be placed into the tricolour recycling bins?
Under the Arctic ice and the sea, lie billions of dollars worth of oil and gas...
Environmental advocate Natalie Ng Sze-man has topped 100 applicants to become Greenpeace Hong Kong's Climate Hero. She will fly to...
If you would like to participate to the next NESTA-SCMP Debating Competition please get in contact with the Competition Coordinator Stan Dyer at debating@nesta.hk
Home team Stewards Pooi Kei College vs St Rose of Lima's College. Motion: watching reality TV shows is a good way for teenagers to learn about human relations
November 20, 2009 - Censor suspected in missing Obama exclusive
The Young Post Reporters’ Club visits a charity catwalk event that aims to raise funds to teach children to read...
Despite increasing awareness of eco-tourism, access to some of Hong Kong's most beautiful islands remains limited, but one tour organiser is campaigning for that to change...
FIRST DAY AT WORK Listen to Elaine, Tom and Sophia talking about their first day at work and then answer the questions about what they have said.
November 19, 2009 - For the great communicator, China has been an uphill trip
Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child... WATCH UNICEF SPECIAL PHOTO ESSAY
Chen Tsz-wan is crazy about comics. Her passion for drawing and willingness to share it with others helped her...
Two Latin exponents talk to Sunny Tse about the sacrifices that need to be made and the determination required to achieve success...
TIM: Hi this is listening plus. You’re with Timothy Chui and today we’ll be speaking with South China Morning Post reporter Joyce Ng about a spate of water woes affecting Southern China. Thanks for...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with South China Morning Post reporter Joyce Ng about a spate of water woes affecting Southern China.
The Chief Executive is under pressure from protesters to withdraw the extradition bill completely, with many calling on her to step down.
Hong Kong leader says sorry to citizens for the SAR government’s deficiencies over the new extradition law legislation.
1. A 2. embargo 3. because of the establishment of the Frontier Closed Area/because of the closure of the border with China, which stopped cross-border trade 4. D
It’s not always about buying the most expensive properties, says a statistics expert from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win Apple AirPods.
Gatherings were organised in countries such as Britain, Canada, Australia, South Korea and the United States.
Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
John Lee Ka-chiu was asked why the Special Tactical Squad did not have identification numbers on their uniforms, among other questions.
Pro-democracy legislators were not satisfied with the Chief Executive's apology, even though it was her second one in three days.
Anti-China sentiment seems to be very much in fashion but let's not forget the purpose of the proposed bill is to help bring criminals to justice.
As well as joining the mass protests on June 9, June 12 and June 16, many people used their creativity to express their feelings about recent events.
The dream of international unity is not as far-fetched as it may seem.
From a new ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ for the Nintendo Switch to ‘Inception’-inspired indie puzzler Manifold Garden, here are the standouts from this year’s expo
There is no need to be stressed about university exams if you are doing a programme you truly enjoy.
Barbara Wong talks about directing and acting in her new film about a website for the recently dumped...
If you are having a hard time mastering the art of public speaking, you can take inspiration from Karen Chan Kar-wun...
This week's artist is Tang Ka-chun. He talks about taking part in a speech contest
Good things come in small packages ... or do they? The recent constitutional reform package proposed by the government has, not surprisingly, been controversial...
On June 2, taxi driver Derrick Bird, 53, went on a shooting rampage, murdering 12 and wounding 25 people in Cumbria, England...
The grey whale seen off the coast of Israel. It was the first time one of the mammals had been seen outside the Pacific Ocean in about 300 years
A grey whale has made an appearance in the Mediterranean, and scientists think climate change may be to blame for the whale getting lost...
Here's a link that explains it. But you need to create an account on YouTube first
Check that your video can be uploaded on YouTube here
Reaching out to the poor_L
what exactly is microfinance? How it can help a poor woman living in the suburbs of Inner Mongolia...
Father's day_L
Enter the Sunday Young Post Father's Day Competition and win a test flight on a professional simulator for you and your dad!
Diana Vickers_L
Diana Vickers, 18, was discovered when she participated on the fifth season of British talent show The X Factor.
Brit Award-winner Mika has re-released his second studio album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much with a special deluxe edition...
sherlock homes_L
Sherlock Holmes has been converted into a manga hero in British publisher SelfMadeHero's The Hound of the Baskervilles...
Armed with bamboo and metal sticks, men believed to be gangsters beat protesters and passersby after breaking into the New Territories train station.
Teenagers share concerns that the government allowed the police to delay their response in order to deter further protests against the fugitive bill.

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