School-based concern groups are using social media platforms to encourage peers to attend this anti-Elab demonstration.
The iconic building in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for great food and cheap accommodation, but it’s the inhabitants that make the complex so special.
With his film 'Dance. Create Miracles', Wah Yan College alumnus Parco Ho aims to explore what's still seen as a taboo in Chinese culture.
We rate the best computer options for teens at secondary school based on display, design and value for money.
After a wait of several long years, Sade is back, offering hope to the romantics of the world. However, the title of her new album, Soldier of Love, is rather...
If you're into cute and furry, you'll want to be at City University. Starting tomorrow, five students on a crusade to save Hong Kong's bunnies will be holding fund-raising activities on campus.
Anime fans who have been desperate for some new action from the Gundam franchise can rejoice: a new series is set to be released in Japan this spring called Gundam Unicorn...
Judy Blundell's What I Saw And How I lied is the story of a teenager who slowly discovers that everything she thought she knew is really a lie...
Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake one month ago. But Haiti was already suffering from severe physical damage before the earthquake hit. Almost all...
Young Post asked its junior reporters to talk to teenagers and ask them what they would like to see in the budget for the coming year...
Lunar New Year is a time of feasts. A table groaning with meat and fish heralds a prosperous year ahead. But while the mounds of...
When 14-year-old Eric Lin Cheuk-yin was promoted from Form Two to Form Six last October, it wasn't because someone had got their sums wrong. Back in Primary Six...
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Opposites attract in the Lunar New Year photo competition - Find out who won and vote for your favourite shot
Most people will never know what it's like to be blind. Things we take for granted, like reading Young Post, would be impossible if we lost our sight. A world of...
It might seem like a pain to follow the traditions of the Lunar New Year when all you want to do is hang out with your friends. But they are not all superstitious and uncool...
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Groups opposing the controversial law urge residents to continue to insist it be scrapped completely.
Lam is ‘extremely worried’ and convinced he is at top of extradition list.
With a protester dead and the controversial bill "withdrawn" Hongkongers take to the streets once more, then Carrie Lam #SorryNotSorry
A day after Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor said the controversial extradition bill had been withdrawn, Hongkongers took to the streets again to demand her resignation, to demand the...
Carrie Lam may have said something about being sorry, it wasn't enough organisers claim
Follow our updates as Hong Kong prepares for another day of protests, strikes and demonstrations across the city.
The Secretary General of Demosisto called on Chief Executive Carrie Lam to resign and take responsibility for the aftermath of the extradition bill.
It can sometimes be hard to express to our dads how much they mean to us, but our winners did it perfectly.
Be amazed by 100 historical objects on display from different time periods and civilisations.
The sequel to the 2016 animated hit features Harrison Ford, Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish.
China has one-third of the world's rare earths reserves and accounts for 90 per cent of the global supply.
Patton Oswalt, Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart also lend their voices to this heart-warming but ultimately forgettable film.
Is there something you want to put it in Room 101?
Is there something you want to put it in Room 101?
The Five People You Meet in Heaven,“Everyone appears in your life for a reason.” Everyone around me influences my life ,but speaking of the man who inspires me the most, I would assuredly say —my...
People say a mother’s love is incomparable, and as much I feel that immense amount of love from my mother, I have never sensed my father’s love being any less than hers.
When I am asked which man inspires me the most, what immediately comes to my mind is Nelson Mandela.
When I was young I used to be dead afraid of my grandad.
You might not know Arsène Wenger, but you must have heard of ‘The Invincibles’, which refers to the Arsenal team in the 2003-04 season.
Mr Tsang Wing Tong, my class teacher when I was Primary Five to Six, is the best teacher I have ever had.
Among these people, the one who inspires me the most is definitely my Chemistry teacher now – Mr. Wong.
For me, my super man is just my coach in volleyball.
The boy pocketed the rest of his explosives and ran away, scouring for another pile of manure to explode. This boy is my father.
Not far from me, a little boy was happily playing basketball with a man. The scene made me recall the wonderful days with my cousin hero, David.
For the man who inspires me the most, he is neither a superhero nor a famous celebrity. He isjust a teenage boy - my boyfriend.
The DSE Chinese exam has been called “the paper of death” because some students who achieved outstanding results in other subjects didn’t even manage to score grade 3 in this.
Fidel Castro changed the flavour of the milk Cuban children drink at breakfast.
#drama #Trump. We’re going to get a lot of that over the next four years if the weekend was anything to go by.
Hong Kong’s last British governor, Chris Patten, had a rather blunt message for students during his speech – don’t even think of independence for Hong Kong.
What began as a peaceful gathering lead to a small group of demonstrators setting off fire extinguishers and barriers.
The South American country sees little hope of relief soon, as the rainy season won't begin until December.
Hong Kong protesters are calling for a peaceful show of solidarity inspired by the Baltic Way political demonstration which happened on August 23, 1989.

The protests have been going on in Hong Kong for three months now. What are your thoughts on what’s been happening?