The Hong Kong-based French photographer is holding an exhibition entitled City Poetry at the Blue Lotus Gallery in Sheung Wan.
These foods that claim to be a ‘healthy’ alternative to junk food is just junk food in disguise.
Whether or not you’re a fan of the distinctive smell, learn all about the spiky fruit here.
From Flipper's miracle 'kiseki' pancakes to fluffy souffle-style creations at A Happy Pancake, these are the tastiest stacks in town.
Despite increasing awareness of eco-tourism, access to some of Hong Kong's most beautiful islands remains limited, but one tour organiser is campaigning for that to change...
FIRST DAY AT WORK Listen to Elaine, Tom and Sophia talking about their first day at work and then answer the questions about what they have said.
November 19, 2009 - For the great communicator, China has been an uphill trip
Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child... WATCH UNICEF SPECIAL PHOTO ESSAY
Chen Tsz-wan is crazy about comics. Her passion for drawing and willingness to share it with others helped her...
Two Latin exponents talk to Sunny Tse about the sacrifices that need to be made and the determination required to achieve success...
TIM: Hi this is listening plus. You’re with Timothy Chui and today we’ll be speaking with South China Morning Post reporter Joyce Ng about a spate of water woes affecting Southern China. Thanks for...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with South China Morning Post reporter Joyce Ng about a spate of water woes affecting Southern China.
Po Leung Kuk is hoping to receive HK$642,300 from Operation Santa Claus (OSC) to buy a 16-seater rehab bus for the...
November 18, 2009 - Leaders lay firm foundation for ties
Research by United States universities has found strong links between doing household chores as a youngster and success as an adult, but nobody is...
Students from the Homantin Government Secondary School took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Fans of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day are bound to enjoy 2012. It's a typical Roland Emmerich end-of-the-world movie and a mixture of...
The recent University of Michigan graduate is on good form for next month's Fina World Championships.
The ultra-realistic fake video was created by an artist to highlight the dangers of false information online.
The recent discovery of plastic waste in the the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, shows we are trashing our planet at an increasing rate.
Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
Original alien-fighting duo Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did it better.
Mexico and the United States have agreed on a deal to boost border security between the two countries.
1. She decided to not follow what everyone else is doing. 2. C 3. B 4. adamant
Demovanile, a group of secondary pupils who are against the extradition bill, say officers violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
The singer-songwriter has played South By Southwest, recorded with Saweetie, and firmly believes in the universal power of music.
Follow our updates as the city prepares for this weekend's expected protests against the fugitive bill.
Takumi Saito and Seiko Matsuda star in a family drama about the (food) ties that bind across distance and time.
The party's vice-chairman said this week's protests had fallen on deaf ears, and they were happy to see other citizens taking action.
They've been waiting two months since 'ME!', so Swifties will be listening to the new track all weekend - could more be on its way?
The megastar dropped the lyrics video for her track just a couple of hours after announcing the release date for TS7.
You guys made it so tough for us to pick the top three! We loved your pictures and drawings
Long-haul flights are sometimes unbearable but here are a few things that the Young Post team wonder about before stepping onto a plane ...
Here is a timeline of major developments in the disappearance of the flight and its 239 passengers and crew 17 months ago.
Such outrage online about the viral video, but why? Parental ‘mistreatment’ of children is neither new nor rare in Hong Kong.
Back in 2011, an intriguing mix of young adult fantasy and authentic vintage photographs called Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was a surprise hit. Now, at last, comes the sequel.
More people are starting to show their interest in the history and culture of Hong Kong by going for a walk - and they've got plenty of options to choose from.
The second album of Lucy Rose, Work it Out is not as sweet as her name suggests - it's an album about a hopeless love, combining a pinch of pop with a dose of folk.
If you're not familiar with Bhangra (a mix of Punjabi folk and Western pop), jungle and dancehall, More Signal More Noise will have you hooked.
Writing songs, travelling the world, and inspiring people with your music … sound like a dream job? Well it's a dream that came true for Irish alternative rock band Kodaline.
Otaku Zone rarely reports on anything related to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) because some people say it's all fake. But it's real I tell you, it's real!
A ship of books is reaching out to the world's poor. YP cadets Justin Wong and Leanne Ng jumped aboard when it docked in Hong Kong.
Drainage officials are investigating suspected illegal waste found in the water of Sha Tin's Shing Mun River, once famed for its foul smell.
The cadets at Young Post put their cookery skills to the test by taking on a rice cooker challenge: preparing four unconventional, non-rice dishes in one of the staple appliances of any Hong Kong...
Even if you don't love cycling, you'll still be drawn in by the excitement and danger of To the Fore.
The whole place is painted black, with several hand drawn emoji-like doodles of muffins, ice cream and the like on the walls - similar to a chalkboard mural.
This is the fourth finalist in Young Post's 2015 Summer Story competition in which some marvellous books are up for grabs. Each week, we will publish one of the finalists' stories, with the winning...
The photorealistic reboot of the 1994 animated classic also features the talents of Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner.
Ice hockey is a fast-paced, high-octane sport with rather unsociable training hours – but Eito Ishizuka and his teammates are used to it.

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