The 20-year-old's videos range from PUBG> live-streams to his thoughts on pop culture, and his channel has more than seven million subscribers
The Australian magic man, who has performed on America’s Got Talent, overcame a tough childhood by going through magic books.
It’s not always about buying the most expensive properties, says a statistics expert from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Next month's event will featuring acoustic, folk, jazz and other laidback tunes, not to mention delicious food.

Mame & Shiba Cafe: Hong Kong's cutest shiba inu cafe

Although the shoreline we saw belongs to Canada and the towns we visited were distinctly Canadian, lawyers and politicians are still debating who actually owns...
Hong Kong faces an ageing population because of the low birth rate. But there are not enough services for the elderly. There should be better facilities at homes for old people. There are...
I am a secondary school student who takes the bus regularly. I board the bus at seven every morning during rush hour, so it tends to be crowded with people going to work. Usually...
Death is something we all need to face, and we can do nothing to prevent it. Many people try to find ways to lengthen their lives, or even avoid death altogether, even though this is impossible.
How would you feel if there was a person who looked and behaved exactly like you? If some scientists have their way, this actually could happen. Fortunately, until now...
There have been many outbreaks in recent years claiming many lives. The latest H1N1 virus is one of them. The scariest thing is that these new diseases are alien to us. They have...
I really want my father to quit smoking. We both know smoking is bad for his health, but he finds it hard to kick the habit.
The annual fund-raising drive, jointly organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK, is now receiving donation. Go to osc.scmp.com
If you’re still at school, and you’ve heard of the band Nirvana, chances are you...
Read Yau Lok-yan's star letter and join the discussion here
The traditional approach to a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle - or any sports injury - is to wrap the area in smelly, mud-like Chinese medicine poultice, but there are...
If you are suffering from post-Halloween withdrawals, Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games may be the answer. And avid gardeners will...
Kacey Wong Kwok-choi's studio is an inspiring space of colourful robots, sculptures, framed snapshots of his large-scale installations and a cosy sofa on which you can sit back, relax and...
Members of the YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School drama club talk about how they learned much more than acting and how the extracurricular activity has impacted their lives.
We need to rethink our priorities as a society and encourage leisure over labour.
Students showed off their navigation skills, tech savvy and knowledge of the city in the annual hi-tech virtual treasure hunting event.
Mena Massoud is great as the charming protagonist, Naomi Scott adds a new facet to Jasmine’s personality and Will Smith shows off his comedic flair.
What is success? Typically, when someone says, “Oh that person is so successful”, they tend to mean someone who has a nice car, a big home, and lots of money.
Sometimes, talent runs in the family. Check out these famous brothers who all made it big in the entertainment industry.
Is denuclearisation really a good idea for the North Korean people?
Protests in more than 1,400 cities expected to attract more than the 1.4 million people who took part on March 15 - but won't include Hong Kong students.
Protest organisers are asking citizens to walk out of work ahead of a crucial United Nations summit and demand immediate action.
We asked our readers: If you had a robot for the entire day, what would you ask it to do? Here are our favourite answers.
Instead of wishing you could change something in your past, you should learn to focus on the here and now.
The EDB released “Three useful tools for 710” to make life easier for Form Six students receiving DSE exam results on July 10.
This HK student from La Salle College discovered that no one is obligated to help you or be nice to you outside the sheltered environment of school.
The rare species is also found in China and Japan, but became extinct in Korea in the late 1970s.
When Anastasia Tin of West Island School was cast as Clärchen in the famed production, older dancers mentored her on how to handle it like a pro.
(Back row, from left) Keiji Matsuzawa, Hiroyuki Mak, Mino Tatsuki, Kosaku Matsuzawa, Taishi Ono, Atsuki Shinsha, Jonathan Drapeau, Max Nyrop, coach Shingo Tanamasu; (front row) Katsuma Kobayashi, Jay Fong, Ryuji Doi, Daigo Tanamasu, Taichi Fukui, Arnold Ng and Tommy Hill.
Each summer, thousands of children in the United States try to imitate their professional baseball heroes when they play Little League Baseball. Just like those ...
Clockwise from centre: Diana Tsui, teacher Connie Lau, and students Vicky Cheng, Rajinder Deol, Eric Mok, Rubbya Ghalib and Mary Ngan.
Mary Ngan Ma-sim used to be very shy. As a child, she didn't like talking to other kids, or speaking in public. But when she was in Form Two, and a teacher ...
Two 15-year-old students from Queen Elizabeth School in Mong Kok remain in hospital after being burned at a campfire on Saturday on the school's grounds ...
Rudimental Home CD_L
Rudimental's debut album Home has seen the top of the UK charts, and has come second on Australia's Aria Charts since its release, receiving generally positive ...
Despicable Me 2 Movie_L
The much-loved Despicable Me returns to the big screen after three years of waiting. This time, genius criminal Gru (Steve Carrell) has quit being a villain ...
Yonosuke Movie_L
There are lots of amusing movies out this summer. But A Story of Yonosuke is probably the most refreshing pick for comedy fans.
Students and teachers from DBS and HCSS got together to help promote language learning through fun activities.
Playing games and taking part in other fun activities can be the best way to inspire English speaking.
News Non-chinese_L
A new subsidy granted to local schools with more than 10 non-Chinese speaking students is like a "double-edged sword", a veteran educator said.
Kevin Kung (left) learns the difference between port and starboard, and how to raise a jib, thanks to Chan Yu-ting.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Kevin Kung goes sailing
Thanks to Bee Chan (in grey) and Carson Chung (in blue), Leon Lee manages to get on a horse - and stay there; at least while the photos were taken.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Leon Lee gets on a horse
Barry works his jab with Jay Lau.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Barry C Chung puts 'em up
The ergo and the training boat are good training for when you want to make your escape down the Shing Mun river.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Joyee Chan & Karly Cox try pulling together
Leon tries his hands, and feet, at taekwondo at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Leon Lee gets a kick out of taekwondo
Young Post editor Susan Ramsay aims for the target.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Susan Ramsay hits the bull's eye
Mabel Sieh keeps smiling with the help of Monica Lo, despite discovering that rhythmic gymnastics is not as easy as it looks.
The team have been trying out Olympic sports, and we'll be sharing our experiences - good, bad and ugly. This week: Mabel Sieh learns why aesthetics ...
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win Apple AirPods.
As well as joining the mass protests on June 9, June 12 and June 16, many people used their creativity to express their feelings about recent events.
Follow our updates as Hong Kong prepares for another day of protests, strikes and demonstrations across the city.

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