As a City University student learned on a trip to the country with children's charity Plan International, you can't just force your views on others, but there are ways to help.
The war correspondent recently showed her photos of children affected by war at PMQ, at an exhibition hosted by Save the Children.
The award-winning writer of Orangeboy chats about her creative process and why it's important for her to be a voice for young black teenagers.
Thank you so much for your creative and heartfelt poems. Read the full list of entries here.
A naive young girl and a magical stuffed toy are on a mission to heal wounded hearts in new anime Kobato
November 30, 2009 - 'Three writs seek hk$ 91m from accountant'
The first words I said to my father when Silent Sound finally arrived in Halifax after sailing through the Canadian Arctic were...
A Form Seven student has come up with an innovative, simple technology that turns waste into energy. It won him the top prize in ...
Kowloon and hk_L
A popular oldie from the 1960s - Kowloon Hong Kong - celebrates the Kowloon peninsula and Hong Kong Island as 'the place for you'. But most people who live here would...
This is your chance of having your seasonal greeting published
November 27, 2009 - 'Mainland unveils carbon target'
As a young girl, Japanese artist and author Akiko Ikeda dreamed up a world in which plants talk to each other and animals that are normally enemies become friends. The magical land is...
November 26, 2009 - 'Beijing seeks firm goals on climate'
Hong Kong's homegrown kung fu hero Bruce Lee fought in the revolutionary 'style of no style'. His philosophy was that the best athlete was the one who could incorporate different techniques from...
Young Post reporter Lai Ying-kit will be discussing the broadcast of major sports events by Pay TV with reporter of South China Morning Post Vivienne Chow about the fight for broadcasting rights to...
Kit: Hello. This is listening plus and you are with Young Post reporter Lai Ying-kit. Today we will be discussing the broadcast of major sports events by Pay TV. Joining me to discuss is Vivienne...
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis is giving moviegoers an early Christmas gift. A Christmas Carol is a 3D animated adaptation of Charles Dickens' timeless tale...
The worry is, making one or two mistakes might cost students a good grade, according to tutors from Beacon College and King's Glory Education.
There are 21 movies leading up to the grand finale of the arc; rewatching all of them will be tough, so settle for one or two this long weekend.
The school where the alleged incident took place was in the headlines earlier this year after eight students were said to have assaulted a classmate.
The Mong Kok store has long been the place to go for visual arts and design students.
The British musician more than made up for the cancellation of gigs in Asia during his 2017 tour.
Who, what, where, and when? Before you head to cinemas for the epic finale to Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here’s our recap of where we last saw the superheroes.
The British musician put on a spectacular show but unclear exit routes meant fans had a tough time leaving the venue.
In the Vatican, the pontiff encouraged the teen climate activist to continue fighting for change.
Fans left the venue mad and disappointed about the organiser's arrangement to keep them waiting under heavy rain until finally calling off the show.
Top designs include a robot that collects waste on beaches, and a prototype that filters pollutants from seawater.
A brief history of the legendary action adventure series which stars Link, our pointy-eared hero of Hyrule.
Local Sheerios take to social media to share their anger and disappointment about having to wait hours in the rain for nothing.
A young girl with the power to see supernatural spirits learns how to be a responsible and independent innkeeper.
Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know:
Nobody had high hopes for the third and final movie in the Pokémon XY series, but it proved itself to be a family-friendly and entertaining ride filled with magic and excitement.
Grammy award-winning The Flaming Lips have been churning out psychedelic rock albums since 1983. Their most recent effort, Oczy Mlody, was released this month following a handful of singles.
Following his global success with debut Tremors, electronic and alternative R’n’B artist SOHN returns with his second full-length Rennen through prestigious indie label 4AD.
Charlie Law is fourteen, and has always lived in Little Town. But even Charlie has seen the place change for the worse. Little Town is not the community it used to be.
A Hong Kong photographer has created an ingenious picture series of a Lego Batman helping to do good deeds and defeat evil in the city through small acts of kindness.
Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po faces pressure to spend the surplus, six times higher than his original prediction, in the city’s budget instead of saving it.
You’ve probably got a small fortune in small coins, you just don’t know it. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Coin Collection Programme is here to help with that.
While it is mandatory for many students in Hong Kong to learn Hanyu Pinyin in Putonghua classes, Cantonese Pinyin is rarely used to learn pronunciations of Traditional Chinese.
Most people have probably never heard of 111-year-old linguist Zhou Youguang. But if you’re learning Chinese, you’ve seen his work.
Ying Wa College’s handball stars and twin brothers deny they can read each other’s minds. But when they play for the same team, they can be a powerful force.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week’s topic is ...
Financial Secretary Paul Chan has issued warnings about possible trouble in the global economy, with countermeasures planned if Hong Kong is impacted by US President Donald Trump’s protectionist...
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A little boy sets separated from his family in India and gets adopted by an Australia couple. Over 20 years later, he uses Google Earth to try to find out who he once was.
Starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, the remake of the 1992 classic is set to wow even the most sceptical fans.
There are no set rules for what to do and how to do it well once you leave school – and that’s okay.
The seven-year-old feline died due to complications from a urinary tract infection.

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