In her only Hong Kong interview, the record-breaking ice skater reflects on her historic win at the US competition and being in the media spotlight.
The Renaissance College student wowed at the annual World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship with a speech about Donald Trump and other world leaders.
The war correspondent recently showed her photos of children affected by war at PMQ, at an exhibition hosted by Save the Children.
The award-winning writer of Orangeboy chats about her creative process and why it's important for her to be a voice for young black teenagers.
Frozen magic comes to Macau_L
The junior reporters watched a dress rehearsal of Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy and interviewed some of the principal skaters...
Getting rid of the bulk_L
After gorging on turkey, mince pies, Christmas pudding and other festive fare, many of us are tempted to "detox"...
A xmas glossary_L
It's Christmas time, mistletoe and wine ... It seems the yuletide holiday is inescapable, with cards and carols and tinsel and toys in our faces whichever way we turn...
December 24, 2010, Page 6 - puzzler, spot the difference and wordsearch
The little drummer boy is coming to town this Christmas. No, not the carol, but Youtube star Igor Falecki...
Answers December 22, page 3, Life: how it all began
Hayley Chan Hei-man has racked up an impressive array of titles and trophies.
Windsurfer Hayley Chan Hei-man showed true grit during the Windsurfing World Cup practice day in Turkey last year...
Proceeds from the sale of placemats will go to charity.
It may be the season to be jolly, but Christmas has become so commercialised they often forget the true meaning of Christmas...
asian game show_L
For Otaku Zone readers stuck in Hong Kong this Christmas, take heart and head to the annual Asian Game Show...
deathly hallows_L
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had opened almost everywhere else in the world before Hong Kong finally got hold of it. But it was worth the wait...
The recent climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, didn't yield revolutionary results. But they did at least take a modest step forward in addressing environmental issues...
Christmas crackers_L
Here are the winning entries and special mentions from our Christmas colouring competition. Merry Christmas!
The earth experienced a global heat wave this year, with record-high temperatures in 17 countries and the global average on track for a new record...
Frank Forencich, founder of Exuberant Animal, during his demonstration of simple physical activity at Victoria Park.
It's a common complaint: students don't get enough physical exercise. But a top American exercise guru believes in the worth of fun, light workouts...
Investigation confirms students' and parents' suspicions that grades were distorted and results unfair after wrong policy decision.
Fok Chi-sum, who died of injuries incurred in the crash, had been involved in a separate collision on the same route just weeks earlier.
Here are a psychologist’s advice for people who find it hard to talk to their parents about sensitive issues.
Studying for a law degree is an independent pursuit which can be very useful for alternative careers in government or business.
The camp is blaming its potential allies for its defeat in the recent LegCo by-election; in reality, it needs to be looking at his own mistakes.
Garris Choi from West Island School has tips on how to make sense of and ace the two complex subjects.
No one should lose their life in the pursuit of trying to hide a few wrinkles.
Based on the lives of pianist Dr Don Shirley and his New Yorker driver, Tony Lip, the film is a reminder of the evils of prejudice, and the power of courage.
Survey finds 14 per cent rated their stress level at the maximum on a scale from 1 to 10, and many seek solace in the internet.
Polytechnic University linguist Phoebe Lin’s new website allows users to learn English phrases while watching their favourite YouTube videos.
We asked our readers: What is something you would like to learn how to do, and why? Here are our favourite answers
The weather in Hong Kong certainly gives us a lot to talk —and write – about. This week’s poem is about a rainy day.
I am writing in response to the article “Residents fear damage from reclamation” (SCMP, November 26).
Mark Kaiser knows what it feels like not to have the odds in his favour. The 18-year-old captain of the Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS) football led his team through a daunting set...
The amazing thing about competitions like this is you really aren’t required to know much going in, and through the process you will discover and learn more than you already know.
Hong Kong police say more young people have been falling prey to phone scams recently, possibly due to their being less exposed to news reports on the issue.
Wonder Woman has awesome superpowers, but that hasn't protected her from some really dumb stories over her 76-year history. Here's a list of silly Wonder Woman facts.
Reverb, the echo or resonance of sound, is the heart and soul of post-rock, according to Haang Choi, the 28-year-old guitarist of local instrumental post-rock band, more reverb.
Analysis of the ransom note's language suggests origins of its writers, US security firm says.
There are two kinds of people in the world: peacemakers and mess makers. Usually their lives take very different paths, but when those paths cross, you end up with a beautiful story.
British grime artist J Hus made his name uploading freestyles online, before moving onto mixtapes. The 20-year-old rapper has now released his debut album Common Sense.
YouTube-dominating K-pop king Psy is back with his appropriately titled eighth studio album, 4x2=8.
Time-slip novels have been a popular form of fiction since Alice fell down that rabbit hole. One moment the central character is in one particular time and place, and then it’s through the back of...
The city’s iconic trams are displaying a new smiling logo as the operator looks to reshape its visual identity to attract more passengers.
Derek Landy has kept us well supplied with fantasy wonders before and since the record-breaking success of 2009′s Skulduggery Pleasant. As a refresher, we have you covered with an A-to-Z guide to the...
Kwok Wai-nok was found with cuts and stab wounds to his neck and head, following a nighttime trip up Black Hill in Lam Tin with three friends who have been arrested.
Travellers on Hong Kong and mainland airlines should brace for extensive security checks of carry-on bags as the United States considers expanding its ban on laptops and other large electronic items...
May 3 marked World Press Freedom Day, an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of a free and accountable news media. Young Post published a special edition, with some fake news stories,...
Starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, the remake of the 1992 classic is set to wow even the most sceptical fans.
There are no set rules for what to do and how to do it well once you leave school – and that’s okay.
The seven-year-old feline died due to complications from a urinary tract infection.

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