Our Junior Reporters tell us which Easter treats are worth putting in your shopping basket and which would be better left hidden.
Careful reading and time management will go a long way in this year’s Chinese History exam.
Top tutors J. Yeung of Beacon College and Titus Chan of Modern Education give you the best advice about emerging trends on the Geography paper.
A top tutor from King’s Glory Education Centre and a veteran teacher offer up their best advice on how to come across as a confident speaker.
manic street preachers_L
The latest from Manic Street Preachers, Postcards from a Young Man, is perhaps the most mainstream offering yet from the alternative rock band...
Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo is back with his fourth studio album, Libra Scale...
Billionaire Boy_L
David Walliams's Billionaire Boy is witty, funny and preposterous, with one or two serious thoughts lurking underneath the comic surface at the same time...
Designer Jino Yeung Yuet-yan (right) and her colleague Kelly Lam Ka-yi with their project on Tai Kwok Tsui.
An elderly woman is picking up styrofoam waste to sell for recycling. This image has become a focus for a group of young artists wanting to capture the elusive essence of Tai Kok Tsui...
With more than 500 million members, Facebook would be the third-largest nation if it were a country...
Cheung Kwok-leung.
Adversity is the lifeblood of great art - and of great artists. It's what drives characters, just as it does their creators...
Wong Ka-lap, a 21-year-old cellist,  picked up the instrument by chance. He has since honed his technique with the help of several renowned local masters.
Life-defining moments don't come around very often. For 21-year-old Wong Ka-lap, one such moment comes this weekend at his Wong Ka-lap Cello Recital - From My Life...
Steven Wong has won all the main BMX medals in Asia and has set his sights on the London Olympics.
Steven Wong should have BMX as his middle name. The bike wizard has become one of Hong Kong's most successful athletes with dozens of titles under his belt...
Bite by bite_L
Slow Food is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Italy in 1989. It aims to fight against fast food and a fast pace of life...
Sweet success_L
Junior Reporters attended workshops at Victoria Prison last Sunday...
Next Tuesday, December 21, a group of Young Post junior reporters have the chance to head to Macau....
Jin Yao and Madeleine Onne, the HK Ballet's Artistic Director, work on the upcoming production Nutcracker
For the 14th year in a row, in what has become something of a Christmas tradition, Hong Kong Ballet's classic show The Nutcracker is back...
AT THE ESTATE AGENT’S Becky works at a busy estate agents. This morning she has seen two clients. Listen to their conversations and then answer the questions about what you have heard....
(From top) Walking with Dinosaurs, Disney on Ice, Nutcracker and Zaia
Exams, homework and uniforms. If you're looking forward to putting these out of your mind for a couple of weeks, Young Post has put together a list of shows...
When I am in Hong Kong, I would love to visit a seafood restaurant in one of the outlying islands...
If I were to pick an album from the past decade that I would personally consider a masterpiece, my first choice would definitely be To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar.
Kehlani first cast her charming spell on us with the 2015 release of her second mixtape, You Should Be Here.
No army would ever miss the chance to boast about their love for BTS and their music.
Music plays a huge part in the world nowadays: it’s everywhere. Many teens look up to singers and their work usually is a huge impact on our moods- no kidding. One good song from our favourite...
The Imagine Dragons concert was one of the best days of my life. The second I walked into Asia World Expo I felt a wave of happiness and excitement, I was about to see an amazing band play in just 5...
Not long after Shawn Mendes toured the world with Illuminate, he hopped back to the studio to create his third studio album, self-titling it as Shawn Mendes’.
The most recent live concert I saw was BTS Wings Tour, on May 14 2017. Before the doors even opened, the whole waiting area was full of excitement and anticipation.
We spoke to La Salle College’s Prince Choy, who wore the LSC jersey one last time, and DBS' Brian Wong.
The key to enjoying your studies abroad is managing your expectations and being comfortable in your new environment as you are at home.
We had some great entries from music lovers who celebrated their passion for their favourite artists in reviews.
Americans value liberty above so many other factors, yet people mainland China are better off in many ways.
The 1,000-hectare 'Lantau Tomorrow Vision' launched by the Chief Executive in her 2018 policy address will be an environmental disaster and waste of money.
The Iraqi Yazidi activist went through unthinkable experiences, but used her tragedy to draw the attention of the United Nations and the world.
The 85-year-old is seen in the film as having no intention of quitting any time soon.
Britain, France, Canada and Australia ask the city and Beijing to protect freedom following British journalist's denied work visa, and cancellation of mainland writer's talk at Tai Kwun.
The American School student says he wants to create meaningful stories from a kid’s point of view.
Recent increase in temperature and underground construction has been driving rodents out from their nests
Can you tell your Timberlake from your Bieber? Do you remember when grime became a thing? Think you're a master music fan? Prove it!
A study of 14 to 34-year-olds in Asia found that some would rather listen to music or watch films from other countries than consume local culture.
South Africa's first black president died aged 95 on Deecember 5, 2013
A controversial attempt to ban a pro-independence political party by the HK government is raising concerns.
Members of a Thai youth soccer team who were trapped in a cave have left the hospital where they have been treated since their rescue, and are slated to hold a news conference before they return to...
Trapped football team tried to swim out, prayed together, drank dripping water and dreamt of congee.
Tong Tsz-on created a video to let other people know that his interest in buses should be something to be celebrated, not hated, mocked or a reason to bully him.
The mini fridge-sized 'little yellow horse' is taking care of Beijing's snacking needs.
Overuse of digital media platforms could lead to attention difficulties and impulse-control problems.
Wong Ho-wang believes in choosing your own path – even if it isn’t the one others want you to take.
Water samples are being tested for metals after some residents complained about their tap water being cloudy.
A trapeze act didn’t quite go as planned on US TV show America’s Got Talent, but don’t panic; no one was hurt.
Local NGO Clean Air Network said there has been no major improvement in roadside pollution since 2016.
Who, what, where, and when? Before you head to cinemas for the epic finale to Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here’s our recap of where we last saw the superheroes.

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