The Guy Fawkes mask from the popular Hollywood film has been taken up as a worldwide symbol against repression
You've heard of hygge; here are some more of our favourite untranslatable words related to well-being from 'The Positive Lexicography'
Photographer Tommy Fung uses his camera skills and Photoshop to combine real life and comedy.
The teens took a life-changing trip to the African island and learned about the impact that economics has on global warming.
When it comes to career goals, Lily Sheary believes in dreaming big; luckily, the 15-year-old has the talent to match

Critically endangered baby gorilla born in Brazil zoo

Lou Lou, a western lowland gorilla, has given birth to a daughter at the Belo Horizonte Zoo in Brazil. The baby is the fourth of this species - considered critically endangered - to be born in the...
The champion swimmers came from Ying Wa College, Diocesan Boys’ School and Diocesan Girls’ School.
Hundreds of teens sang and chanted anti-government slogans during a peaceful demonstration at Sun Yat-sen place on Friday evening.
We asked our readers about their best-loved font type. From practical Arial to casual Kristen ITC, here are our favourite answers.
In the letter of objection, issued days after convenor Jimmy Sham was beaten and hospitalised, the force notes the need to maintain public safety
Being annoying is the best gameplay mechanic in the latest stealth game from Australian indie developer House House.

Changwon K-pop World Festival 2019: One chance to shine

At an annual competition in South Korea, overseas K-pop fans get to imitate their idols and show off their dance moves. At the government-funded Changwon K-pop World Festival, contestants from around...
Chief executive focused on solving the city’s housing problems and helping the needy, while no concessions were offered to anti-government protesters.
The stellar cast, which includes Chloe Grace Moretz and Snoop Dogg, give this cartoon remake a spooky and spunky vibe.
The Chief Executive reached out via social media for the first time in more than a year and insisted that demonstrators' demands are not reasonable.
Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning are as perfect in their roles as before, but despite its promising beginning, this follow-up is comparatively soulless.
Decree 883 revoked after worst unrest in more than a decade left at least seven people dead.
Pro-democracy group urged the public not to retaliate with acts of violence and asked the police to grant a letter of no objection for their mass rally.
DaBoz uses urban dance as a form of expression and wants people in the city to adopt its carefree attitude
Newsflash: A long stretch of time without engaging your brain with the learning process is bad for you. Experiments have shown that students who enjoy long summer holidays are more likely to be...
Mention the word 'essay' and you get a divided classroom: some of you love them and the rest would rather run round the school 10 times.
To be an effective independent learner, you need to keep a quality record of what you are learning. We all need a point of reference, whether it's for exams or...
Step 10: Use your learning to achieve something re
Remember you can use any opportunity to become a lifelong learner and achieve something even more remarkable than passing tests and exams.
Neighbours Listen to these four people talking about the people who live next door to them and then fill in the question boxes with the relevant information. Part I
Neighbours Listen to these four people talking about the people who live next door to them and then fill in the question boxes with the relevant information. Part I
TIM: Hi, this is listening plus and you’re with Timothy Chui. Today we’ll be speaking with the international desk editor Ian Young about the latest Japanese elections. Thanks for joining us. First...
These few days, I have been listening to Michael Jackson's songs all the time.
Rescue Listen to this internet radio news item about a rescue operation in Guangxi Province and then answer the questions.
Copenhagen-based alternative rockers Mew set new standards with their fifth studio album No More Stories...
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, Sun Yuen Long Centre is putting on a display with lanterns created by mainland artists Wan Ming and Yang Jian. Both artists are...
Asian Mariah Coco Lee took about two years to complete her new album East to West which, as the title suggests, blends Western elements with her Eastern origins. Unfortunately...
Best known for their 1986 song (and identically named album) The Final Countdown, Swedish rock band Europe has just released its eighth studio album, Last Look At Eden...
Veteran New Zealand children's author Margaret Mahy enters a crowded arena with her novel The Magician of Hoad. Here we are again in a fantasy land where...
Make sure you're fully prepared for any eventuality by downloading these apps before you leave Hong Kong's and its excellent internet coverage.
Eight school teams - four girls' teams and four boys' teams - will be battling it out at the semi-finals tomorrow, which will decide the teams competing in the finals on Sunday.
The NBA is back with a bang after a drama-filled opening night.
It's pretty predictable after the tragedy in Las Vegas that some people are wondering why this shooter is not being called a 'terrorist'
Chances are you've already heard about who won what, so today we're going to take a look at five very deserving winners from the 2015 Emmys.
While linguistics at its core is - to quote Shakespeare - "words, words, words", those that master this field know that words carry deeper meaning.
Mobile communications play a crucial role in keeping Hong Kong families connected, according to research from the University of Hong Kong.
Three YP junior reporters checked out the Nepali Culture Week, the Hong Kong Nepalese Foundation's week-long celebration of Nepalese culture held at the end of last month.
April's adventures extend beyond college and the "Claremont Bubble".
Having lived in Claremont, Calif. for three months now, I find it easy to be “stuck” in our comfortable “Claremont bubble”, whose tranquil cafés, bakeries, and froyo shops have become lovely weekend...
The Unicef Charity Run has always appealed to me. As a wheelchair athlete, I wanted to challenge myself, but had never participated in a marathon in Hong Kong.
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies paper was a challenge to some but a breeze for others, while tutors say the difficulty was average.
I hate cats. There, I said it. Now, while we wait for the internet to descend on me like Sauron’s army, I shall explain why.
Financial Secretary John Tsang's plan for spending tax money has taken some steps to improve productivity and education, with plenty of initiatives aimed at students. Yet, the budget must do more to...
As students, many of you are probably getting ready to apply for university. Apart from finding out what the entry requirements are, I hope you have a good understanding of what subjects you want...
To help you find the best deals for everything from where to eat to what to do for a fun day out, here are apps that does all the hard work for you.
Hong Kong’s embattled leader and police force apologised to the local Islamic community for spraying the entrance to the city’s biggest mosque with blue solution from a water cannon on Monday.
The film briefly shows the 'nine-dash line', which China claims as its territory, though other East Asian countries say it belongs to them.
World leaders gathered in Tokyo to witness Naruhito's enthronement, complete with sacred treasures and traditional outfits

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