We rate the best computer options for teens at secondary school based on display, design and value for money.
They are the first school from Hong Kong to win this prestigious global singing contest.
Lovables, a company founded at Renaissance College, make it their mission to create stuffed animals that represents those with disabilities.
Do your bit for the environment when you shop: buy food in bulk, and avoid single-use plastic packaging
The gold hunters are in town. Hong Kong's largest sporting extravaganza - the East Asian Games (EAG) - officially opens this Saturday. A few events...
December 2, 2009 - 'Drunken truck driver admits manslaughter over 6 taxi deaths'
Decmber 1, 2009 - 'Mainland credit card debt surges'
Local bagpipe lovers were thrilled with a recent visit by celebrated master Bill Robertson. More than 10 years after the handover, the bagpipes are one of...
Canto-rocker Denise Ho Wan-sze, aka Hocc, released her latest studio record, Heroes...
Karaoke favourites the Carpenters joined their record company 40 years ago; 40/40 celebrates four decades of memorable music with a...
Mary Hoffman, a skilled writer of historical fiction for teens, takes us back to the South of France at the start of the 13th century in Troubadour
Like a bowl of congee, Julie & Julia gives an instant hit of emotional comfort. In this true story, the hard work...
Celebrating the series' 10th anniversary, Keroro the Movie 4 opens as a mysterious giant being appears on earth. Nobody...
A naive young girl and a magical stuffed toy are on a mission to heal wounded hearts in new anime Kobato
November 30, 2009 - 'Three writs seek hk$ 91m from accountant'
The first words I said to my father when Silent Sound finally arrived in Halifax after sailing through the Canadian Arctic were...
A Form Seven student has come up with an innovative, simple technology that turns waste into energy. It won him the top prize in ...

5 must try pancake places in Hong Kong

Our cadets have once again gone out to hunt for the best bites in Hong Kong. This time, they try stack after stack of pancakes and narrow it down to five must-try places.
From Flipper's miracle 'kiseki' pancakes to fluffy souffle-style creations at A Happy Pancake, these are the tastiest stacks in town.
Whether or not you’re a fan of the distinctive smell, learn all about the spiky fruit here.
Ice hockey is a fast-paced, high-octane sport with rather unsociable training hours – but Eito Ishizuka and his teammates are used to it.
These foods that claim to be a ‘healthy’ alternative to junk food is just junk food in disguise.
Master puppeteers have teamed up with a group of youngsters to pass on the ancient storytelling technique.
Because BTS, GOT7 and BlackPink are not the only groups you should know about.
What would you be willing to sacrifice for true democracy?
The escape room craze has taken the world by storm. But in this cramped city, can the designers craft a fun experience in limited space?
The Hong Kong-based French photographer is holding an exhibition entitled City Poetry at the Blue Lotus Gallery.
Fifty years after the Stonewall riots, authors Joseph Legaspi and Tamiko Beyer talk media representation and how writing helps them process and shape the world around them.
Fights broke out between protesters and police after another anti-extradition bill march.
The Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) will host a recruitment day on Wednesday at Pui Ching Primary School.

H2GO: Young Post tries stand-up paddle boarding

Every summer, the Young Post team get out of their comfort zones and into new experiences. This year, for our H2GO mini series, we're trying out water sports around Hong Kong. In this episode, our...
Kyrgyzstan Christmas
Animals in winter around the world
The real-life Transformers were built by a group of farmers as a rather unusual hobby. The robots are made out of second-hand car parts.
Autobots, transform and roll out! These real-life Transformers have been built out of old car parts by a group of farmers in Shandong province. Although they don't actually transform yet, the farmers...
The boys of 1D sporting their new Styles
According to Washington-based Radio Free Asia, North Korea has made it mandatory for all male university students to have the same haircut as their beloved leader, Kim Jong-un. However, recent...
The British Royal Air Force aerobatic team, The Red Arrows, during a fly past on the opening day
The Farnborough Airshow in Britain lets the public, and buyers, see the best the world of aviation has to offer in both civilian and military aerotech.
You can have your favourite jewellery reinterpreted on a cake, by Glace's Ling Au.
Some people take the art of cake decorating to new heights. Check out these beauties made in Hong Kong
Twenty-two-hundred game enthusiasts that showed up for the second Hong Kong E-Sports Tournament, held from August 30-31.
At the grand finals of the second Hong Kong E-Sports Tournament, a two-day event held at the Kowloon Bay International Trade Exhibition Centre, reporter Melanie Leung couldn't help but notice a...
The mood board for Hermione's look
Intelligent, witty, strong and indenpendent, Hermione Granger is more than a talented witch. She's a role model for young girls everywhere, and here is how you can interpret and imitate her look and...
YP cadet Bidhya Shrestha before her transformation into Mystique
Strong-willed, unique, and confident in her differences, Mystique from X-Men is a role model for anyone who has ever felt like they're not accepted for who they are
Marium became known as the 'nation's sweetheart' after photos of her being fed and hugged spread across social media in April.
More than 22,000 people joined the "Protect our Next Generation, Speak for our Conscience" march. We talked to a few of these educators about their reasons for demonstrating.
Home to beaches, fresh seafood and beautiful Instagram-worthy backdrops, the second-largest city in the country is the perfect place to spend a day.

The protests have been going on in Hong Kong for three months now. What are your thoughts on what’s been happening?