We've rounded up the most outstanding earphones and rated them for their noise-cancelling abilities, convenience and battery life.
We rate the best computer options for teens at secondary school based on display, design and value for money.
They are the first school from Hong Kong to win this prestigious global singing contest.
Lovables, a company founded at Renaissance College, make it their mission to create stuffed animals that represents those with disabilities.
A group of men armed with bamboo poles attacked protesters in North Point while multiple police stations were besieged.
Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office says lack of national education partly to blame for current unrest.

Rapid-fire questions with British singer-songwriter Mabel

23-year-old R'n'B singer-songwriter Mabel was in Singapore for her "A Mad Love" showcase. We were lucky enough to get a hold of her to play a round of rapid-fire questions.
Amos Wong and Yeung Chun-to hope their endeavour will speak to secondary school kids in the city.
Members of this South Asian community stay in touch with their roots through food and family
Pro-independence activist Edward Leung Tin-kei first used the slogan during the 2016 Legco New Territories East by-election.
The movement connects people from different walks of life to break down social barriers and biases, says the founder of the Hong Kong branch, Pong Yat-ming.
The student at Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School hopes to put her experience at the Youth Olympics and Asia Games to good use.
Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office will speak to the media on Tuesday, after city experiences disruption due to non-cooperation movement.
Are British boarding schools really like Hogwarts? One YP cadet finds out from three Hong Kong boarders.
Paying Jupas admission fees no problem for students as they support general strike

Frenchman achieves 'dream' of first hoverboard Channel crossing

A French daredevil who spent years developing a jet-powered hoverboard zooms across the English Channel, fulfilling his quest after pulling off a tricky refuelling manoeuvre that cut short his first...
Protesters on Monday blocked roads and tunnels and disrupted train services to force the government to give in to demands.
EXO members Chanyeol and Sehun prove they are a force to be reckoned with as a standalone duo.
Renaissance College students explain how traditionalists fear for the future of Chinese culture
Students from the Hong Kong International School took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Rush hour is all too often a gridlock, but the emissions from bumper-to-bumper traffic don't have any trouble getting around. Vehicle exhaust fumes are...
Museums are the perfect places to hide secrets. The Scatterhorn Museum in The Museum's Secret is...
Carnegie Medal winner Tim Bowler's teenage psychological thriller Bloodchild holds readers in its vice-like grip from the very first page. A teenage boy is...
It has been said The Founding of a Republic will only appeal to people born after the 1980s who are keen on Chinese history, elderly citizens who lived through...
On their second album If I Am ..., local band Mr show how far they've come in terms of musical craftsmanship and technique. It's...
Mariah Carey's most recent album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel seems to have popped up with relatively little fanfare for the publicity-loving diva. Granted she...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with features writer Ben Sin about the evolution of street ball in Hong Kong.
WHAT’S ON TV? Listen to an announcer giving details about what’s on evening TV for four days this week on a UK channel. When you have heard each evening’s programme schedule, fill in the missing...
Paraplegic Eeva Simons is proof that a physical disability need not bar anyone from taking to the stage and dancing. With deft handling, she can put her wheelchair through...
The first Reporter's Club workshop coming up on 26th October. Check here to see if you're part of the lucky ones attending. Workshop FULL
A debate isn't won on the logic of a team's arguments alone. But by putting forward well-prepared arguments, a team can better protect themselves from...
Your school made it to the finals of one interschool sports competition? Be the reporter of the event!
Your editor Susan Ramsay explains how you to procede if you want to write a story of your own.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has changed laws and practices, and improved the lives of millions of children.
20 November 2014 marked the 25th anniversary since the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted at the General Assembly. Are children better off now than they were 25 years...
We asked our readers what colour would they want the world to be, if everything was only one colour. Here are some of our favourite answers.
This week, we asked our readers: what sport or activity would you like to see as an event at the next Olympics? Here are our favourite answers!
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week’s topic is ...
For those who like safe, middle-of-the-road pop songs, All Time Low have delivered. But if you like something with a little more edge or depth, this won’t be for you.
Greedy, racist, wrong, nasty are not words usually associated with Britain's war Prime Minister
We've all heard the music, but do we know where it comes from?
We mustn't be closed minded about visiting new countries and experiencing other cultures.
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Here is your chance to win a brand new 3D pen you can show off to your new friends!
Best Improvement category finalists show that, through grit and determination, they can achieve their life goals.
Start off her special day with a yummy feast.
Hey there beautiful people :) I’m quite a positive girl but sometimes I really can’t forget how some people have hurt me. They have been trying very hard to make me fall. It’s really hard to ignore...
Divya Raisinghani, 14, has been dancing since she was six
If you love to dance, India is the place to be. The country is home to some of the world's oldest dance forms, including folk dances like Bhangra, and classic styles like Odissi and Kathak. Each...
A sit-in is also planned at Yuen Long MTR for the one-month anniversary of the attacks by a mob in white shirts.
Surveillance footage from North District Hospital in Sheung Shui appears to show two officers hitting the elderly man on the night of June 25.
The martial arts superstar made headlines 15 months ago in a photo that showed the effects of his battle with hyperthyroidism.

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