Ethnic minorities, despite calling Hong Kong their home, aren’t properly represented in government.
Teenage tech prodigy Emma Yang created an app to help those suffering from the neurological disorder cope with the disease.
The spoken-word poet also shares his thoughts on the power of language to heal, transform, and break down barriers.
The gig featured mind-boggling motion graphics which are perfectly synchronised to every beat.
The meeting between the US and North Korean leaders is said to have been proceeding amicably.
HK has relatively few issues when it comes to public transport, compared to other major cities, but there have been a few problems in recent months.
The top students in the STEM competition were inspired by childhood science tricks, environmental protection, and ... bubble tea?!
Finding ways to deal with a stress is just like any other skill – you just need the right tools, and a bit of practice.
Grades are not everything; instead of joining the rat race for First Class results, you will be happier if you take things slowly and steadily.
It will take a lot more effort to stop orangutans and other animals from losing their habitats.
The 16-year-old Heep Yunn student was defeated by Japan's Morita Mai in Amman, Jordan yesterday.
The 22-year-old wants to see wider social change, and support for her fellow survivors.
Historically, the Catholic Church has never accepted homosexuality. It is less of a human attitude, more of an unambiguous interpretation of the Bible.
All the finalists have hundreds of hours of volunteer experience under their belt, but judges are looking for more than just dedication.
Baker was convinced that she was going to work for the United Nations once she graduated but one of Lush’s founders thought otherwise.
An unexpected loss taught our Junior Reporter the importance of treasuring those you love most.
Just because you are a shy or fearful person doesn’t mean you can’t achieve greatness.
Iconic American children's show Sesame Street is turning 40 on Tuesday, marking four decades of what could be one of the...
Debaters may have done extensive research and prepared powerful arguments, but an ineffective presentation can ruin...
Refers to: "Shanghai Disney park gets go-ahead' by Will Clem in Shanghai, Dennis Eng and Yvonne Liu Where to find it: on the front page of the South China Morning Post, November 5, 2009
In reference to: 'Telemarketers to police themselves' by Joshua But Where to find it: on the front page of the South China Morning Post, November 4, 2009
Parrots are becoming increasingly popular as pets and lifelong partners for Hongkongers. Paul Lee Kee-kee, president of Hong Kong International Parrot Association, says more locals are...
After years of personal troubles, Whitney Houston is back in business with her latest album, I Look To You. This collection of...
Kary Ng's first EP Keep Breathing is full of soft melodies, and none of the more uptempo numbers of her...
Award-winning author Jenny Valentine's new novel, The Ant Colony, will interest teenage readers who like to read about real people sorting out their lives. The inhabitants of...
Evil beings are scheming to bring chaos to the peaceful Third Independent Trade City in a new fantasy anime called The Sacred Blacksmith. The anime is based on...
Ugly Betty takes a serious turn in the third season...
Based on the comic book adventures written and drawn by Osamu Tezuka, Japan's 'Godfather of anime', Astro Boy chronicles the adventures of...
This term, Young Post is inviting class teams from all over Hong Kong to produce our Tuesday covers. That's right - the whole thing.
Students from the Shung Tak English College took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Here at Young Post we have quite a few animal lovers, but none as devoted to adorableness on the internet as our editorial co-ordinator Cherry. So here is your Tuesday Cutesday pick-me-up in the form...
In Hong Kong, we rarely hear the words "gender equality". You might think this is because women in Hong Kong have pretty much the same rights as men.
Homework? Snooooore. When there are movies to see and friends to hang out with, studying doesn't seem like an appealing option. But you have to do it. When tedium strikes, get on one of these apps...
While the world is lit up red white and blue in a sign of solidarity, the world seems to have forgotten that more than 160,000 people have been killed in Syria's uprising-turned-civil war
What's better than a picture of cute animals? A whole post of pictures of cute animals! Go on, give your brain a break.
Every major network offers some programme (and often spin-offs of the original) where it's an epic showdown between humans and some mythical beast. Almost all of these programs suck, each for their...
Members of the Public Doctors' Association protested the lack of a 3 per cent pay rise to keep with other public servants last month, and the Hospital Authority bowed to their demands. Were they...
Riding self-balancing electric scooters, also known as hoverboards, on streets and pavements in Hong Kong may be fun but is illegal, according to the Transport Department.
For those of you who are only familiar with the Star Trek universe thanks to the two recent blockbusters from JJ Abrams, there's a lot more to discover.
Your parents' generation may still grapple with email, but some creative young developers have come up with a new generation of fun apps.
Should our city have its own military? Five local students share what they think.
Primary school students swap textbooks for golf clubs to learn STEM at the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy.
Eight school teams - four girls' teams and four boys' teams - will be battling it out at the semi-finals tomorrow, which will decide the teams competing in the finals on Sunday.
Our JRs talk to Craig Leeson, creator of the award-winning documentary, A Plastic Ocean, about why we must reduce our plastic waste.
“His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people across the world."
From something yummy to our furry friends, here are the things that instantly brings happiness to Team YP.
The finalists of the Student of the Year Science and Mathematics category had to answer the judges in ways they'd not prepared for.
Young Post has three pairs of tickets for K-pop boy dance group ONF’s concert on Friday, March 29 to give away!

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