As the city at the epicentre of the virus is quarantined, the world increases its health checks on incoming Chinese travellers.
From Hercules to Wall-E, the Young Post team members pick their perfect (animated) partner just in time for Valentine’s Day.
We asked a behavioural science expert for personal growth advice that is easy to implement into your daily routine.
What’s the difference between quarantine and isolation? What is human-to-human transmission? These questions and more, answered.
The World Health Organisation is using social media to fight misinformation about 2019-nCoV, the disease which originated in Wuhan
Many are worried about upcoming HKDSE, IB and other public exams, and some believe the prolonged class suspension is unnecessary.
As people take precautions against the deadly virus, one reporter discusses the fear and surreal experience of living in an empty city in China, across the border from Hong Kong.
The Steam early access game is inspired by Pokemon, but adds online multiplayer to the formula.
The Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation have announced that all competitions, activities and representative team training would be suspended.
Philippines reports death of 44-year-old visitor from China, as total number of fatalities rises to 361, with more than 17,000 confirmed cases
Medical staff have vowed to strike unless the city closes its borders with mainland China, blaming their decision on Carrie Lam's refusal to hold talks.
Interactive survival horror game put players in control of cliche characters in a scary and atmospheric adventure.
Hope you've been paying attention to the news! Check to see how well you scored in our News Quiz.
The news comes a year after the streaming giant announced they would work on animated versions of 16 Roald Dahl classics.
The island nation is the first Southeast Asian country to bar all visitors from the mainland
The ‘Awkwafina is Nora from Queens’ star turns in a stunning performance as a grieving granddaughter who must lie to her dying Nai Nai
Residents of Wuhan and the surrounding cities cope with the drastic restrictions of being in quarantine
Baptist University, Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong also announced similar measures.
People began lining up outside of Watsons branches as early as 2am
Teenagers share their thoughts on the Chief Executive's policy address - Breaking New Ground Together - with Sunny Tse and Young Post junior reporters
Cool Alert! Author Tina Seelig is going to be in town giving a talk on October 24. Submissions are now CLOSED
Whether you're negotiating with your parents about your next night out or trying to knock off 40 per cent on a Temple Street purchase, arguments...
Helen Grant's impressive debut novel The Vanishing of Katharina Linden is one of those rare books that refuses to downsize style or content just because...
In his latest collaboration with award-winning director Steven Soderbergh, The Informant!, Matt Damon plays chubby, dorky businessman Mark Whitacre. Whitacre is a...
Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Begins is a wonderful modern adaptation that manages to be faithful to the old 1970s cartoons while...
Edward Cullen's chiselled face is leading the latest revival of the vampire genre, but what makes this star of the Twilight franchise so appealing?
Students from Heep Yunn School and Wa Ying College took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Junior Reporters find out which Halloween treat does the trick best...
How to do a Vox Pop and collect people's opinions...
Cub reporter Megan Chee tells us why she thinks the bestseller is following a successful formula...
Why people living on Hong Kong Island don’t like to go over to Kowloon and vice versa. Submissions CLOSED
GHOST SHIP Listen to the true story GHOST SHIP about spooky happenings at sea. The mysterious story of a ship called the MARIE CELESTE. Listen carefully and then answer the questions.
Your first year at college or university is a whole new world. It might be the first time you encounter a new medium of instruction...
The number of entries to the Nesta-SCMP Debating Competition has tripled in the last three years. More than 50 school teams have registered for...
Sixty-two teams from 34 schools gathered at Shing Mun River to compete.
Students from over thirty different schools gathered at Sha Tin on Sunday to compete in the Young Post 6th Inter-school Dragon Boat Championship.
It seems that nowadays people don't really have good relationships with others. The main reason is that we don't talk enough any more. Conversation is really important in a relationship. We learn how...
Divya Raisinghani, 14, has been dancing since she was six
If you love to dance, India is the place to be. The country is home to some of the world's oldest dance forms, including folk dances like Bhangra, and classic styles like Odissi and Kathak. Each...
One of the many banners in support of the Occupy Central movement
In Hong Kong, the anthems for pretty much all protests are Do You Hear the People Sing?, and local band Beyond’s Boundless Sea and Sky (海闊天空). But Occupy Central is in a protest class of its own, so...
Solving the greatest problems we face is no easy task, but it can be fun and rewarding, especially to policymakers. There are countless diverse bestsellers that explain how to run society, so which...
Wu Zhao - noble, beautiful and well-educated - became the concubine of the elderly Emperor Taizong at the age of 14, and became China's only female emperor through a series of alleged murders.
April's adventures extend beyond college and the "Claremont Bubble".
Having lived in Claremont, Calif. for three months now, I find it easy to be “stuck” in our comfortable “Claremont bubble”, whose tranquil cafés, bakeries, and froyo shops have become lovely weekend...
What better gift for your BFFs than taking them to an amazing international star's concert? And imagine if that concert were Ed Sheeran's on March 10! Well, this is your chance: Young Post has...
Caption reads: "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking ... out"
White and gold or blue and black? A Tumblr user asked a question for which an answer seems impossible.
Equal Opportunities Commissioner Dr York Chow Yat-ngok (right) plans to look into the city's education policy.
Putting Hong Kong's ethnic minority students in designated schools is a form of discrimination, a United Nations committee's report says. Of the city's ...
Published on December 10, 2013.
Gabrielle Aplin performs all over the world, but her home and her family are the biggest influences on her music.
Two of our junior reporters met British singer Gabrielle Aplin as she stopped in Hong Kong on the latest leg of her world tour
It started with the Tower of Babel from the biblical Book of Genesis. There I was, sitting in my IB Business and Management class, wondering why on earth in this era of globalization, we still see...
He's famous for his martial arts, but an exhibition about his life shows another side of him.
Rapper Kanye West wants to run for US president in 2020, so we asked our readers which famous person they think would be the best candidate for America's top job. Here are our favourite answers…
What should you get your significant other if they are an Aries? Do Capricorns like surprises? Find out in our special love-themed analysis of all the astrological signs.
Covid-19 may have limited your entertainment options, so here’s a list of movies about outbreaks and quarantine to watch at home.
Here are some of the most unforgettable love stories from the world of literary fiction.

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