From multi-platform space opera ‘The Outer Worlds’ to Nintendo’s ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’, these are the games to put on your wish list.
The sport is growing in popularity in the United States as teens use it to connect to their cultural heritage.
While Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is diagnosed in childhood, Type 2 can be prevented with healthy eating and exercise.
Let’s face it: after a great game or a run, your gear is probably as sweaty as you; try these top tips to keep you from smelling terrible.

Domesticated wild animals, a threat to Colombia's wildlife

A man from mainland China also waved a knife at a group of students while singing the Chinese national anthem.
A survey by the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women has found that majority of those who responded did not want to report incidents to police.
As the world marks Remembrance Day today, let's celebrate five special people who saved many lives – without ever firing a shot.
One member of the HK police force reveals how he struggles to balance his work with his political views.
The blaze broke out in the early hours of Thursday; about 500 people were forced to flee their homes.
Secondary schoolmates describe Chow Tsz-lok as quiet and friendly and don't know if he took part in any anti-government demonstrations.
After failing to reach his Asian Games goal last year, Hong Kong teen Wesley Ng has stayed afloat and proven himself a worthy team captain.
There are six steps that would lessen the effects of climate change, including reducing pollution and creating a carbon-free economy.
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As the demonstrations continue and the political divide widens, it's especially important for reporters to remain neutral.
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a Mobile Pixels Duex duo monitor.
College life in the US is both a challenge and a dream come true for this former Diocesan Boys' School student.
Influenced by 60s psychedelic rock and 70s Motown sounds, the record is a narrative of overcoming personal trauma.
Pro-establishment lawmaker expected to undergo surgery for knife wound to his chest.
Cantonese opera was recently listed by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Humanity. Local opera lovers and performers are delighted, but warn there is...
Three years after the release of Daughtry's Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut, the band has released Leave This Town. The album is full of...
Local duo Swing - feted pop-maker Eric Kwok and human trumpet Jerald Chan - are back with a bang on Wu Dang. A feast of beautifully written music, the album...
So many romantic films paint women as incomplete without a soulmate that it's refreshing to see what happens from a male perspective. 500 Days of Summer is...
A cold-blooded killer is on the loose in Antarctica in Whiteout. There's nowhere to hide - if the murderer doesn't get you, the millions of kilometres of ice...
The art of silence_L
Silent theatrical performances have been around since the days of classical Greek masked pantomimes and classical Indian musical theatre, while elements can been...
Young Post reorter Lai Ying Kit will be discussing with news reporter Olga Wong on how the the wall-like high buildings and the heat island effect affect the city.
Developed by extreme American skateboarder Lance Mountain, finger skateboarding first caught the...
SAVED BY AN IPOD You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save anyone’s life?...
SAVED BY AN IPOD Voice 1: You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save...
An award-winning academic from the United States will visit Hong Kong next week and deliver a talk to young people on creativity. Tina Seelig will...
The reclusive Communist dictatorship of North Korea is a puzzle to its neighbours and the rest of the world. Tourism is organised by the government, and tourists are always...
Silent Sound sailed through a lot of ice this summer, but not nearly as much as there once was covering the Arctic seas, and not as much as...
Taking on the Taliban: a little girl's tale
The 15-year-old Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School student knows pain can be a challenge and a motivator for wushu.
We've opened our annual Winter Short Story competition. If you are a budding creative writer, keen to see your work in print and hopefully win some super-cool prizes, then you need to enter this...
Time flies, and the 10th anniversary of Unicef's Charity Run is fast approaching.
Watching anyone older than 30 listen to a group of teenage girls chatting is an interesting thing – their heads spin around after the fifth use of the word “like”.
The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a iPad mini 4 (128gb).
Still have a tonne of revision to do before exams start? These study techniques will help you get through it.
Forget about using big words, common sense will win you that argument.
University doesn't just give you textbook knowledge, but the tools to create something new and give back to society.
Forget having a romantic date with bae this Valentine’s Day, and focus on showing love to everyone else that matters to you.
Our junior reporters learn the secret behind making a stone mandala, and get a lesson on mindfulness along the way.
If you don’t know what MUN stands for, and you’re too afraid to ask, then read this
The English speaking exam is almost here, and hopefully you’ve been working on your pronunciation and vocabulary.
We received SO MANY incredible entries for our #YPIG10 competition that it made choosing one winner really hard!
Why does each MTR station have its own colour, and what do they mean? Young Post spoke to MTR Corporation chief architect Andrew Mead to find out.
Lawyers against the ban argued that it gave Chief Executive Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor unrestricted powers to make laws.
Lau Yee-hang, currently ranked no. 4 in his division in Hong Kong, may not be a jedi, but he's made his dreams of dueling come true.
Thirty-five per cent of children on welfare in Hong Kong have to skip meals to pay for other essentials, according to a new survey.

Is it too early for Christmas songs?