The group, together since primary school, sings about what society demands from young men and their support for the pro-democracy movement.
From multi-platform space opera ‘The Outer Worlds’ to Nintendo’s ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’, these are the games to put on your wish list.
The sport is growing in popularity in the United States as teens use it to connect to their cultural heritage.
While Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is diagnosed in childhood, Type 2 can be prevented with healthy eating and exercise.

Domesticated wild animals, a threat to Colombia's wildlife

In recent years professional athletes have taken to wearing necklaces that contain titanium to help relieve fatigue and muscle pain. Phiten, the company that developed the product, claims...
Slam-dunking is taken to new heights in Basquash! where basketball is played by giant mechas called Big Foots instead of people. Big Foot Basketball (BFB) is...
The first time I saw one I couldn't believe my eyes. I checked the charts, looked through the binoculars and asked the crew to double check what I saw. A small island had...
Silent Sound's summer journey is about half done, but we're now entering some of the most treacherous waters in the Arctic as we sail past the graves of those who...
Being on watch while sailing a yacht at sea may sound romantic. But if you have to do it every night, it's not a lot of fun. Our shifts are three hours long, with...
This adaption of Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling novel The Time Traveller's Wife attempts to paint a dark picture of a tragic love, but with a flat storytelling fails to...
Julie Hearne's wonderful Rowan The Strange is an amazing piece of fiction that deserves to be devoured. Hearn has already shown herself to be a talent to watch but she has...
The top 10 contestants from the popular TV talent show present American Idol: Season Eight, a collection of upbeat numbers, slow ballads and...
Junior reporters (from left) Vera Ho and Grace Wang interview Australian author Kate Forsyth
The Young Post team explains in five points how to write a good story
Stewards Pooi Kei College vs Kwok Tak Seng Secondary School Motion: fung shui is a waste of time and money
Tropical rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Scientists fear they will vanish within 40 years if nothing is done.
When was the last time you bought a magazine or newspaper? The internet seems to be replacing the print media. The latest news from around the world is just a mouse click away.
To help you in your first assignment as news photographer, SCMP Photo Editor Yves Sieur gives you fives points to keep in mind.
Japanese R&B diva Thelma Aoyama is back with some inspiring songs on her latest album Emotions.
MISSING PERSONS Voice 1: People go missing every day. Some just vanish into thin air and sadly are never seen again by their family and friends. Listen to these five stories of people who went...
The pests are infected with parasites that ‘mind control’ them to leave their nests and burrow into the ground to await death
We’ve all typed in ‘7 eleven near me’ into Google search at least one time in our lives; now let’s learn a bit about the ubiquitous convenience stores.
Spokesman for Food and Environmental Hygiene Department says decision made 'in view of the current social situation'.
1. the bright, bloody colour of its meat 2. They command a much higher price in Asia than they do at home 3. C 4. It commands a high price in Japan because of its taste and quality.
The police have yet to determine the cause of his fall, but are seeking additional security footage that may help.
Many teens are worried about having arguments because of political differences and fear being bullied.
Students at Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School learned about the joyful Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, shown in the Pixar movie 'Coco'.
He had been in a coma but succumbed to cardiac arrest on Friday morning.
He warned that social media allows people to be too judgmental and doesn't promote positive change.
College life in the US is both a challenge and a dream come true for this former Diocesan Boys' School student.
Some people say the TSA tests students’ basic knowledge. I don’t agree. I think some of the TSA questions are too difficult for students. In reality, this exam wants to find out whether they can...
Marchers called for revenge and accused the Hong Kong police of misconduct in his death; security footage has been unable to verify what happened.
We asked our readers what reality TV show they would like to join. From travelling around the world on The Amazing Race to honing their cooking skills on Master Chef, here are our favourite answers.
KGV students created innovative interpretations of modern and classical Chinese poems for their school festival
Students from two of Hong Kong’s top schools have joined the independence debate by setting up localist Facebook groups.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres brought hope to Israel and Palestine.
Young Post asked Cana Elite Education Centre tutor Tim Lee and Emerson Blais, a tutor from NTK Academic Group, for some useful tips for those of your a little nervous about the SAT.
Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question, and eliminate your least favourite until we have a winner.
Today marks the second anniversary of the Occupy Central protests, so Young Post asked our readers for their thoughts on its impact so far.
It would be unnecessary to comment on the shock dealt to financial markets around the world by the Brexit. And despite the efforts of “Remain” campaigners - Britain will be leaving the EU for good.
The government housing development in Wang Chau in Tuen Mun has attracted a lot of publicity following the election of legislator Eddie Chu Hoi-Dick.
In my opinion, there are two types of innovation. There is true innovation, with the potential to advance societies, and there is innovation for it’s own sake, done as a claim for fame.
Sometimes, we have to wonder whether we’re living in Hong Kong, the bustling hub of commerce and finance, or Hong Kong, the modern day slavery capital.
Pax is a beautifully written and compelling novel about a boy and a fox. And if there is any justice in the book world, it is destined to become a classic read by generations of young readers.
You laugh, you cry, you cringe – Korean dramas sweep the boards when it comes to playing with your emotions, and the Hallyu wave shows no sign of stopping just yet.
It’s a hard life for our junior reporters. A new luxury landmark hotel opened in Macau, so our JRs packed their overnight bags and checked in to the Parisian for a weekend to check it out.
Hong Kong’s education system is mostly about results rather than experience and exploration. Local students have to memorise a lot of things.
Those pesky typos can be pretty embarrassing. Thanks for the help, phone!
Europe’s ground-breaking quest to unravel the Solar System’s mysteries concludes Friday with the Rosetta comet chaser crashlanding onto the cosmic wanderer’s rocky surface. If you know nothing about...
Lawyers against the ban argued that it gave Chief Executive Carrie Lam Yuet-ngor unrestricted powers to make laws.
Lau Yee-hang, currently ranked no. 4 in his division in Hong Kong, may not be a jedi, but he's made his dreams of dueling come true.
Thirty-five per cent of children on welfare in Hong Kong have to skip meals to pay for other essentials, according to a new survey.

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