2019 HKDSE results: Live report from Hong Kong schools as students receive their results and top scorers are revealed

2019 HKDSE results: Live report from Hong Kong schools as students receive their results and top scorers are revealed

Young Post is reporting live from all over the city, as students eagerly receive their grades, and this year's top scorers are revealed


La Salle's (from left) Alex Wong Chi-fung, Siu Tsz-chung and and Herbert Ho Hui-yau.
Photo: Eunice Yip


St Paul's Co-educational College's (from left) Ho Tsi-lok, Anson Kam and Winnie Chow.
Photo: Jacqueline Wong


DGS' super top scorer Chloe Choi (second from left) and top scorer Phoebe Sze are grateful to their mums for all the support.
Photo: Charlotte Fong

The 2019 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) results are being released today. Students will be picking up their results notices from various schools across Hong Kong throughout the morning. 

This year, 12 students obtained the highest score of 5** in the four core subjects and three electives. Of the 12, six students are "super top scorers", which means they achieved an additional 5** in the Maths Extended (M1/M2) exam. 

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[UPDATE: 3.30pm]

Due to a mistranslation, our earlier report that St Paul's Co-educational College had two top scorers as well as a super top scorer is incorrect. Ho Tsi-lok and Winnie Chow Wing-yi were very high achievers, but did not get seven 5**.


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And that's all from Young Post and our brilliant junior reporters Shloka, Hana, @eun1c3 @s0ciallyinept @char.foto @miriamlwh @ky1eleung @div.s.s @jacqueliinewong @hanna__hs and @teresaxkwok on this year's HKDSE results live coverage! Thank you for tuning in, congratulations to all the hard working students, high achievers, top scorers, and super top scorers. Whatever your grade, you all worked hard for this day, and the future awaits. 1. Just one last interview for Kwun Tong Maryknoll top scorer To Cheuk-yin, and then it'll be time to celebrate! 2. Fencing twins from La Salle, high achiever Hui Yau-wang and top scorer Herbert Hui Yau-ho, have each other to thank for their fantastic grades. 3. Crowds are also thinning out at DGS. 4. La Salle College's top scorer Victor Siu Tsz-chung and his mum. 5. Phoebe and Jennifer from St Paul's Co-educational College are extremely satisfied with their scores, and advise future DSE students to plan ahead and not stress too much. #ypdse2019 #hkdse #dse #hkdse2019 #resultsrelease #hk #hkig #hongkong #thisisit #results #momentoftruth #teenage #teenager #student #exam #test #amazingteens #secondaryschool #highschool #香港中學文憑試 #DSE放榜 #放榜 . Hana van de Wiel, @eun1c3, @div.s.s, @jacqueliinewong

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[UPDATE: 10.24am]

Diocesan Boys' Matthew Chow.
Photo: Kelly Ho

DBS' top scorer Matthew Chow Bak-yue, 18, scored 5**s in four core subjects, biology, chemistry, physics and M2.

[UPDATE: 10.09am]

St Mark's School's first ever top scorer is Brian Chan Wai-nok, 17. He received 5** in English, Chinese, Liberal Studies, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and a 5* in the M2 extended maths.

[UPDATE 9.31am]

Yip Cheuk-wing is Pui Ching's top scorer.
Photo: Hanna Hipwell Serfaty

Pui Ching Middle School's top scorer, Yip Cheuk-wing, scored 5** in Chinese, English, Liberal Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Extended Maths M1, and a 5* in Maths.

[UPDATE: 9.23am]

Diocesan Boys' School's super top scorer has been named as Chow Bak-yue.

[UPDATE: 9.15am]

St Paul's Co-educational College's (from left) Ho Tsi-lok, Anson Kam and Winnie Chow.
Photo: Jacqueline Wong

St Paul's Co-educational College's super top scorer has been named as Anson Kam Chun-kei, while the two top scorers are Ho Tse-lok and Winnie Chow Wing-yi.

[UPDATE: 9.00am]

St Paul's College has named their super top scorer. Edward Wong Hon-yin, 17, achieved his eight 5** in Chinese, English, Maths, Liberal Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and M2. 

[UPDATE: 8.56am]

This is the first time that students at Kwun Tong Maryknoll College and St Mark's School have achieved top scorer status.

[UPDATE: 8.45am]

To Cheuk-yin also did very well in the extended maths exam.
Photo: Kyle Leung

Kwun Tong Maryknoll College's top scorer is To Cheuk-yin. He achieved 5** in seven subjects: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, BAFS, Physics and Chemistry. He also received a 5 for the M2 extended maths exam.

[UPDATE: 8.44am]

Queen’s College student Yu Hiu-yat.
Photo: Nicola Chan

Queen's College's super top scorer is Yu Hiu-yat, 18. He achieved 5** in seven subjects - including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Chemistry, Economics and Physics - and a perfect score in Maths Extended Part (M2: Algebra and Calculus).

[UPDATE: 8.23am]

Kwun Tong Maryknoll boasts one of this year's six super top scorers!

[UPDATE 8.11am]

La Salle's (from left) Wong Chi-fung, Siu Tsz-chung and and Herbert Hui Yau-ho.
Photo: Eunice Yip

La Salle College has revealed its super top scorer, Alex Wong Chi-fung, who received 5**, and two top scorers, Victor Siu Tsz-chung and Herbert Hui Yau-ho, who both received seven 5**.

[UPDATE: 8.04am]

There is reported to be at least one top scorer at Kwun Tong Maryknoll College.

[UPDATE: 8.00am]

One of the six super top scorers is reported to be a Queen's College student, while Pui Ching Middle School has one top scorer.

[UPDATE: 7.52am]

St Paul's Co-Educational College has confirmed at least one super top scorer among its HKDSE candidates.

[UPDATE: 7.50am]

Diocesan Girls' School has confirmed that one of its students, Chloe Choi Yan-ping, is a super top scorer, while Sze Wan-fong is a top scorer.

[UPDATE: 7.46am]

La Salle College, the alma mater of last year's first super-super top scorer (nine 5**!) has announced they have one super top scorer, and three top scorers this year.

[UPDATE: 7.41am]

One of this year's six super top scorers has been announced as a Diocesan Boys' School student.

[UPDATE: 7.14am]
The top scoring schools have been announced. They are Queen's College, St Mark's School, St Paul's Co-educational College, St. Paul's College, Hong Kong, St. Paul's College, Hong Kong, Diocesan Boys' School, Diocesan Girls' School,  Kwun Tong Maryknoll College, La Salle College and Pui Ching Middle School. Congratulations!


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