HKDSE 2018 LIVE REPORT; here are this year’s exam results from across Hong Kong

HKDSE 2018 LIVE REPORT; here are this year’s exam results from across Hong Kong

Young Post is bringing you the HKDSE results from this year’s public exam


Thomas Wong from La Salle is the first "super top scorer" ever, with nine 5**s.
Photo: Lea Li


Top scorer from Queen's College Yuen Wai-him is all smiles today.
Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP


(From left) Lam Chin-wang, Wong Ching-to and Luk Hei from St Paul's Co-ed proudly hold up their score sheets.
Photo: Iris Lee/SCMP

The 2018 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) results are being released today. This year, eight students obtained the highest score of 5** in the four core subjects and three electives; and there is even this city's first "super top scorer" who, with nine 5**s with perfect scores in four core subjects, four electives, and the Maths Extended section.

Young Post is reporting live from all over Hong Kong as students receive their grades, and as this year's top scorers meet the press. Keep checking back on this article for continuous updates.

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[Wednesday, July 11, 10.48am]

DGS top scorer Lam Yuet-yee with her proud parents.
Photo: Kyle Leung

Top scorer from DGS Lam Yuet-yee hopes to become a doctor in the future. When asked about the changes she wants to see in Hong Kong, Yuet-yee thinks the long queuing times in hospitals has to be solved promptly, "especially for some specialties, they have to wait for a very long time, and during their waiting time, their situations may have already been deteriorated".

She also says her parents always give her lots of freedom to make decisions and to solve her own problems.

[Wednesday, July 11, 10.40am]

Sum Ka-ho of DBS says playing football with his friends is his favourite school memory.
Photo: Gabi Leung

After the press conference top scorer from DBS, Sum Ka-ho flashes his best smile and gives us a thumbs-up. His studying tips for future examinees are to allocate time properly and "prioritise in terms of importance". He adds that "studying is a very hard process", a sentiment we're sure all our readers will understand!

When asked about his favourite memory from secondary school, he responded, "football during PE lessons is my favourite memory". He added that he was able to form lifelong bonds with his companions during the games.

[Wednesday, July 11, 9.44am]

(From left) Lam Chin-wang, Wong Ching-ho and Luk Hei from St Paul's Co-ed proudly hold up their score sheets.
Photo: Iris Lee/SCMP

(From left) Lam Ching-wang, 18, Wong Ching-ho, 16, and Luk Hei, 17, are the top scorers from St Paul’s Co-educational College, with 5**s in seven subjects. They are certainly proud of their achievements, and everyone is super proud of them.

Ching-to would like to study law in university so he can "uphold the rule of law in Hong Kong".

Lam Ching-wang is concerned about light pollution in Hong Kong, especially the fact that the light is keeping up the elderly at night. He expressed an interest in preserving the environment, saying "I think people should care more about wildlife and treasure the unique nature of Hong Kong."

Luk Hei discusses how to regulate mental health while studying for stressful exams. He says students must develop their own interests. "I like to play football, run, play the piano and the harmonica."

[Wednesday, July 11, 9.29am]

Sum Ka-ho of DBS attained top marks in eight subjects.
Photo: Gabi Leung

Sum Ka-ho, 17, a top scorer of Diocesan Boys’ School proudly shows off his exam results to the media. He scored eight 5**s in Chinese Language, English language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Accounting, Chemistry and Physics.

He feels very grateful as a top scorer because he was never top of his class. He says he wants to thank his parents most of all.

[Wednesday, July 11, 9.11am]

Leung Tsz-kiu (left) and Lam Yuet-kee are the top scorers from DGS, with 5**s in seven subjects.
Photo: Charlotte Fong

Leung Tsz-kiu (left), 18, and Lam Yuet-kee, 17, of Diocesan Girls’ School both scored 5**s in 7 subjects. Tsz-kiu received a conditional offer from Oxford University for a degree in Philosophy Politics and Economics, while Yuet-kee plans on studying medicine in Hong Kong.

Tsz-kiu's mother fully supports her daughter's decision to go into politics and thinks family time is very important, "Even though she is busy with studying, I make it a rule that we have dinner as a family every night."

[Wednesday, July 11, 9.03am]

Cheris Lee received top scores in seven subjects and poses with her results here.
Photo: Zoe Law

Cheris Lee Cheuk-ying, 17, is a top scorer from Good Hope School, with 5**s in four core subjects, and the three electives of physics, biology and chemistry. 

She has also spent time as a Young Post cadet this summer, you can read one of her articles here.

[Wednesday, July 11, 8.52am]

Thomas is the first "super top scorer" ever.
Photo: Lea Li

Thomas Wong Tsz-hang from La Salle College is the first ever “super top scorer” in the history of the HKDSE.

He is the first student to achieve nine 5**s, including the four core subject, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, and Maths Extended Part M2.

He plans on studying medicine and becoming a doctor in Hong Kong, although has not decided between studying at the University of Hong Kong or Chinese University.

[Wednesday, July 11, 8.39am]

Yuen Wai-him, a top scorer from Queen's College, poses with proud parents outside the school.
Photo: Nicola Chan/SCMP

Yuen Wai-him, 18, is the top scorer of Queen's College this year. He achieved 5** in seven subjects, including Chinese language, English language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and a perfect score in Math Extended Part (M2: Algebra and Calculus).

He revealed that his mother always made soup for him while he's studying hard for the DSE.


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