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23 Apr 2017 After dropping surprise single The Heart Part IV last month, Kendrick Lamar follows up with his fourth album, Damn.
23 Apr 2017 Little Dragon kick off their fifth full-length album Season High with Celebrate, a big 80’s sounding power pop song with as much punch as a Prince song.
23 Apr 2017 Hong Kong punk band The Jaded are just “trying to connect with people”, or so said the drummer and ex-CityU student Jose Urbano, when he spoke to Young Post about their songwriting process.
16 Apr 2017 It’s not just her own experiences from where singer-songwriter Dixie Lynne draws inspiration for her music, it’s the very city of Hong Kong itself too.
16 Apr 2017 There’s sadly nothing new or interesting going on in The Chainsmokers debut album, despite a few standout songs.
16 Apr 2017 Future Islands became something of an internet sensation in 2014 thanks to lead singer Samuel T Herring’s dad dancing on The David Letterman Show.
09 Apr 2017 Emily Chak is not a quitter. “Giving up was just not an option. We had to keep going,” said the defiant guitarist and singer of alternative band So It Goes.
09 Apr 2017 The strutty electro beat and grimy bass line of Cold Hard Truth set the tone of Nelly Furtado’s sixth album The Ride.
02 Apr 2017 Real Estate left a mark on the music press with 2014’s Atlas, and after a minor line-up change, have returned with their fourth release In Mind.
02 Apr 2017 Despite selling more than 20 million albums, James Blunt recently took songwriting lessons from Ed Sheeran in the lead up to his latest album The Afterlove.