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12 Jun 2017 During the past year, I have become much more attuned to comments and events pertaining to race, ethnicity, and culture.
03 Apr 2017 The first question that I tend to receive from those in Hong Kong when I mention that I attend school in the US is: “How do you like your new President?” This question is often accompanied by snide snickering.
06 Feb 2017 One of my first orders of business after settling into boarding school was to find the closest Chinese restaurant to my school.
19 Dec 2016 My first experience with Election Night in America was a truly jarring experience.
24 Oct 2016 I miss Hong Kong. I miss the way the Central skyline lights up at night and the bustling atmosphere of the city, a contrast to rural New England, which is an interminable mass of misty farmland after dark.
05 Sep 2016 What do Emma Watson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and President Obama have in common?
04 Sep 2016 Here in Hong Kong, we get a lot of the big American blockbusters such as The Avengers and The Hunger Games. But the one genre that isn’t so well represented is indie films.
29 Aug 2016 This week, we asked our readers: whether our city's election system is a good or bad thing. Here are our favourite answers
28 Aug 2016 Four years after the release of his debut Channel Orange, Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated second album Blond finally dropped last Saturday.
28 Aug 2016 It’s been a disappointing summer movie season, but there’s still a lot of movie left in 2016. Hollywood studios and Hong Kong audiences alike are hoping that the rest of the year can provide some redemption.