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12 May 2017 Sunglasses make everyone look cooler, but before you invest in a new pair, here’s some expert advice.
12 May 2017 With its classic songs and timeless tale of romance, West Side Story is a favourite with musical lovers everywhere, and our JRs got to speak to its leading actors ahead of opening night.
08 May 2017 Did you know you can host your own TEDx event? It doesn’t cost any money, but you do need a licence to use the name. If it sounds like something you would like to have at your school, then read on for some great tips to help make it happen.
07 May 2017 It’s been scientifically proven that opposites attract, and that’s exactly what happens in This Is Not What I Expected, when one pernickety, perfectionist tycoon meets a free-spirited, flamboyant sous chef.
25 Apr 2017 Crystal Fung went from being a HKU graduate, to winning Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016. But she has, she says, had more than her fair share of mishaps along the way to where she is now.
22 Apr 2017 If you ask Yew Chung International School’s Michelle Lo what it takes to be a good writer, she’ll tell you crafting a story with layers of meaning and subtext requires creativity. “If your writing style is monotone, people are going to stop reading. It’s boring. Having a tight narrative style helps make any story more interesting,” she says.
21 Apr 2017 Sun, sea and sand ... here are seven handy tips if you are planning to go on a well-deserved, post-HKDSE holiday with your BFFs.
21 Apr 2017 Hey there beautiful people :) I’m quite a positive girl but sometimes I really can’t forget how some people have hurt me. They have been trying very hard to make me fall. It’s really hard to ignore what they do because it’s not just one person but a group of people.
20 Apr 2017 Fuzzy, fluffy or scaly, with two fins, four limbs or eight legs, and with wings, tails or hooves – we all love animal films (yep, even those of you who say they hate animals, love them).
20 Apr 2017 Junior reporters learn to spot the differences between sea lions and seals, and find out more about creatures from ecosystems all across the globe.