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13 Oct 2017 Junior reporters Cotrina Fung and Veronica Lin joined a pottery workshop at HKU and learned how difficult it is to hand sculpt a simple cup.
13 Oct 2017 Singaporean singer-songwriter Gentle Bones explains how he got his big break in the world of music, and how he convinced his parents to let him cut his studies short.
06 Oct 2017 Hong Kong isn’t just known for egg tarts and pineapple buns – one of the more traditional pastries out there are the good old fashioned peanut crisp and walnut crisp pastries.
06 Oct 2017 Is it better to remain an independent artist without resources, or sign with a management company with access to them – but with a loss of creative control? Wong discusses the pros and cons.
29 Sep 2017 The stunner's parents didn’t want her to enter Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016. She did it anyway – and now she’s a successful presenter for TVB
27 Sep 2017 The encrypted messaging service WhatsApp is suffering intermittent disruptions in China as communist authorities tighten censorship controls ahead of a major ruling party meeting.
22 Sep 2017 Junior reporters Veronica Lin and Hillary Yip got a hands-on crash course on the new technology at a pop-up STEM lab in Olympic City.
22 Sep 2017 He may have gained fame for his voice and his close resemblance to follow Hong Kong actor Cheung Chi-lam, but Owen Cheung’s star is on the rise for reasons he can safely call his own.
15 Sep 2017 The successful singer also told Young Post about her dark year without a label, and how she got her start.
05 Sep 2017 Young Post joined a group of teens as they spend six days trekking sand dunes, navigating their way through caves and studying ancient art in Dunhuang.