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30 Mar 2017 In South Korea, the Lotte Group allowed a golf course they own to be used for the United States’ Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) missile system.
09 Mar 2017 The pro-establishment camp has criticised the recent ruling by District Court judge David Dufton, who sent seven police officers to jail for assaulting activist Ken Tsang.
09 Feb 2017 Abolishing the TSA isn’t going to do much, because it was just a rather handy scapegoat to put all of our blame on.
29 Dec 2016 This week we asked our readers: Who would win a fight between a polar bear and a lion? Here are our favourite answers.
26 Dec 2016 The actions taken by US president-elect Donald Trump have infuriated China.
03 Nov 2016 In 2016 alone, a nursing home run by Bridge of Rehabilitation Company has recorded numerous cases of death and mistreatment of mentally disabled patients.
06 Oct 2016 Back in August 2014, the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in the US by a police officer sparked civil unrest, leading to thousands of protesters taking to the streets.
09 Sep 2016 This week, we asked our readers: What can be learned from Disney movies? Here are our favourite answers.
02 Jun 2016 A huge roof above a sports centre at City University collapsed on May 20. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.
28 Apr 2016 A 7.3 earthquake hit Japan on April 16, causing chaos on the streets of Kumamoto. It left 48 dead, two missing, 3,129 injured, and 200,000 people homeless, forcing them to take refuge in emergency shelters.