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21 May 2017 While only you can find the unique voice, style, and that “something special” that sets you apart, it’s always useful to have expert advice.
30 Apr 2017 For so many reasons, Going in Style shouldn’t be a hit. It’s about three old men – riddled with gout, arthritis, and kidney failure – who, after losing their pensions, decide to rob the bank that’s messed up their lives.
20 Apr 2017 Fuzzy, fluffy or scaly, with two fins, four limbs or eight legs, and with wings, tails or hooves – we all love animal films (yep, even those of you who say they hate animals, love them).
19 Apr 2017 Finding your path in life is difficult no matter where you’re from; but it can feel extra tough when you’re shut out by the city you call home.
15 Apr 2017 Tang Kwai-sze was given an early Easter miracle. A 26-year-old clerk surnamed Cheng donated part of her liver in a successful transplant operation.
12 Apr 2017 Easter is an indulgent time of year: chocolate eggs, bunnies, Easter sweets ... so wouldn’t it be nice if cupcakes can be healthier but just as yummy?
15 Mar 2017 The end of secondary school might still be a few years away for you, or the end might already be in sight – but either way, “What are you going to do next?”
12 Mar 2017 Heidi Yeung manages to tear her eyes away from Hiddleston's arms and take a closer look at what the film signifies.
10 Mar 2017 Nine Hong Kong secondary school students recently won the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Australia.
08 Mar 2017 Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts offers a King Kong like you’ve never seen him before and also effectively turns the previous versions of the King Kong story on their heads.