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27 Oct 2017 Kindness begins at home, so we should all do something – and do it today.
25 Oct 2017 This third foray into Thor's solo films is being hailed as the best MCU movie yet, and maybe because the studio changed things up a little. Here's what you need to know.
17 Oct 2017 We're waiting to hear if his two November gigs will go ahead.
13 Sep 2017 With 19 novels, it's no surprise that Dahl was a massive fan of the written word. Here are nine of the best Roald Dahl quotes about books, reading and writing.
13 Sep 2017 The multi-award-winning show also ran for nearly two decades in New York
12 Sep 2017 This morning it was announced that the Korean American actor from Lost and Hawaii Five-O will replace Ed Skrein in Hellboy reboot.
08 Sep 2017 New textbooks aren’t the only pages you should be reading now school has started again. Here are some of the novels due out this season we’re excited about.
07 Sep 2017 Every week, we’ll teach you a new soft skill that’ll help you get ahead in life as an adult – whether that’s learning how to do your own laundry, or dealing with conflict.
09 Aug 2017 Washington Post reports US intelligence officials have assessed that North Korea may have successfully produced a mini nuke.