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15 Sep 2017 US demands direct action by China
08 Sep 2017 IT rocks. IT scares. IT delivers. Stephen King’s horror masterpiece has been brought to the big screen for a whole new batch of chill-down-the-spine seekers to enjoy.
06 Sep 2017 Get past the commotion about changes from the source material and you'll find a good movie with an interesting plot, and chemistry between the leads.
04 Sep 2017 Speculation of another missile launch comes after North Korea allegedly tests a hydrogen bomb on Sunday.
01 Sep 2017 Hong Kong businessman Sir David Tang died last week, and many have expressed their sadness over the loss.
16 Aug 2017 If you're a creative writer, you have to use all the tricks available to appeal to your readers and keep them hooked on your characters and storyline.
16 Aug 2017 You've probably heard a lot of the row surrounding Trumps remarks about violence at a rally in Virginia. Here's what went down.
09 Aug 2017 This week we look at how to make sure you aren't overloading your sentences with too many adverbs.
02 Aug 2017 Neymar is expected to arrive in Paris on Thursday to finalise his world record move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain.