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20 Oct 2017 Instead of asking who, out of young people and adults, have more to deal with, we should be asking what the best way is for everyone to deal with their problems and stress.
13 Oct 2017 Mong Kok is a residential area as well as a commercial one, the noise can be really disruptive and keep residents awake, which is annoying.
06 Oct 2017 I truly hope the central government will take tougher and more effective action to help protect the environment.
03 Oct 2017 At least 59 people were killed and 527 injured when a man opened fire at an outdoor concert.
26 Sep 2017 True to the franchise's legacy of reflecting modern times, Star Trek: Discovery addresses climate change, fascism, nationalism and racism all in the first two episodes.
15 Sep 2017 US demands direct action by China
08 Sep 2017 IT rocks. IT scares. IT delivers. Stephen King’s horror masterpiece has been brought to the big screen for a whole new batch of chill-down-the-spine seekers to enjoy.
07 Sep 2017 Every week, we’ll teach you a new soft skill that’ll help you get ahead in life as an adult – whether that’s learning how to do your own laundry, or dealing with conflict.
06 Sep 2017 Get past the commotion about changes from the source material and you'll find a good movie with an interesting plot, and chemistry between the leads.