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27 Apr 2017 The newly launched would appear to be a long-overdue boost to the development of Hong Kong’s sharing economy. The city’s first bike-sharing system can be compared to China’s Uber-equivalent Didichuxing and Taiwan’s Youbike.
09 Mar 2017 Despite the uproar caused by the ruling against the seven police officers, Hong Kong’s independent judiciary remains a beacon for the mainland.
09 Feb 2017 The Tertiary-wide System Assessment (TSA) was created to assess the performance of schools. It allows people to be able to gauge, across the board, the quality of a particular institution and helps provide insights into them for secondary school admission officers. You can, therefore, know with some certainty how well a particular child fares academically among their peers in Chinese language, English language and mathematics.
01 Dec 2016 Donald Trump has compared Mexicans to criminals. He was accused of sexually assaulting women, and he has been caught on tape making lewd comments about them.
27 Oct 2016 Those who expected a political spectacle in the new Legislative Council were certainly not disappointed. The past few weeks have indeed been farcical.
29 Sep 2016 The government housing development in Wang Chau in Tuen Mun has attracted a lot of publicity following the election of legislator Eddie Chu Hoi-Dick.
01 Sep 2016 Hong Kong is slowly inching its way towards “Singaporisation”. This is no statement of joy, because I’m not talking about Singapore’s affordable housing or high-tech industry.
17 Mar 2016 'Bubble economies’ are when the price of something differs from what it’s worth. Hong Kong seems to have a case of ‘bubble politics’, where politicians stray outrageously from reality.
10 Mar 2016 For a political party that has been associated with rioting, disrupting social order, and attacking police officers, getting 60,000 votes in a by-election would seem like a pipedream.
07 Jan 2016 Whether the Universal Pension scheme is either seen as a way to ease poverty, or an expression of gratitude towards the retired, there may be better alternatives to the non-means tested HK$3,000 monthly subsidy.