Student of the Year

Since our ancestors first began to draw on cave walls, visual arts have been an important part of human culture. Visual arts can serve as a record and reflection of history, or offer insights into our own time and society. The artwork is intricately tied to the communities around the artist.
Ashley with her winning work. Photo: Thomas Yau
Art is not only a way for Ashley Chung, last year's Student of the Year (Visual Artist) Award winner, to express herself. It also brought her out of her shell.
Bright lights, a wide stage and all eyes on you. For some people, this sounds like a nightmare, but for those who love the performing arts, this is where they shine.
Janice Tse (right, with Ivan Yeung) won last year's Student of the Year (Performing Artist) award.
Hong Kong's education system may not be well-known for developing creativity, but there's no shortage of performers here. Even toddlers learn music and dance to boost their chances of getting into a good primary school.
Student of the Year Harry Tam (left) with his secondary school principal, Wong Chi-keung. Wong said Harry has a rare combination of gifts, both in academic and community contribution.
As part of Celebrating Hong Kong, the /Hong Kong Jockey Club Student of the Year Awards is a prestigious annual secondary school competition that recognises not only the academic achievements of students, but also their skills in fields including sport, the arts and...
You'll definitely need to be an outstanding athlete, but there's a lot more to this award than just strength, speed and agility. Our distinguished sports judges tell Vien Tsang what it takes to be named South China Morning Post Student of the Year - Sportsperson.
Siobhan Haughey is on top of her game, both in school and in the pool
Siobhan Haughey, winner of the 2013 South China Morning Post Student of the Year - Sportsperson award talks about the 2014 Asian Games and her hopes for the future.
Three members of the Student of the Year judging panel talks about their expectations and advice they have to offer to the Student of the Year candidates
Intelligence, diligence, ambition. These three qualities are part of what defines the candidates for Student of the Year. But to win the Grand Prize, it will take that extra bit of determination to push ahead of the fierce competition.
Harry Tam won the award last year while at Sing Yin Secondary School. Now he's pursuing his dream at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Yes, there's a long way to go, but nothing would make last year's South China Morning Post Student of the Year winner happier than to be able to follow in the footsteps of Hong Kong scientists who have come before him.