Student of the Year

Lots of students have volunteer experience, so how can you stand out to become Student of the Year - Community Contributor? Let it be from your heart.
You have attitude? That may not be a bad thing. If it's confidence, not arrogance, it's likely what's going to get you noticed!
While linguistics at its core is - to quote Shakespeare - "words, words, words", those that master this field know that words carry deeper meaning.
It's been more than eight months since we crowned the winners of SCMP's 2014 Student of the Year (SOTY) Awards, and as we reach the end of another momentous year, Young Post caught up with our top linguists.
The Student of the Year - Sportsperson is awarded to students who excel in their chosen sport and have won notable sporting prizes. But even that's not enough to win when the competition is so fierce.
It's common for students to hear the same standard, clichéd advice: "dream big", "follow your dreams", and "reach for the stars." But SOTY judge Allen Ma has something a bit different to add.
Last year's Student of the Year - Scientist & Mathematician winner and finalists talks about what it takes to win the prestigious award.
Each year, candidates impress the panel of judges with accolades, awards and academic achievements. But for a student to really stand out above the rest, it takes something special.
Hong Kong's most prestigious award for students is about searching for the best of the best, so last year's top three offer their tips for success.
The Student of the Year competition is open to all senior-secondary students. In fact, we're accepting more nominations (two per category per school) this year in order to celebrate the hard work of more students. It's a common misconception that the Student of the Year Awards are only for elite...