Occupy Central

The huge jump in page views of a web forum reflects the importance of social media in shaping the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement
Protesters hold lights and banner saying "I want universal suffrage" in Admiralty .
With no end in sight to the Occupy Movement, one naturally begins to worry about the long term effects of the civil disobedience campaign – regardless of one’s political stance.
Protesters open their umbrellas in Admiralty on Monday night.
Nearly nine out of 10 Hong Kong protesters say they are ready to stay on the streets for more than a year to push for full democracy to counter China’s tightening grip on the city, according to an informal Reuters survey on Tuesday.
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1982.
Great Britain, China and Hong Kong continue to spar over the handover and the 1984 pact that set it up, the Sino-British Joint Declaration, but why is this so?
Pro-democracy protests have seen students take an active interest in Hong Kong politics.
The Occupy Central movement has seen a lot of people taking their learning and understanding of politics onto Hong Kong's streets
Alex Chow Yong-kang sees the lighter side of coping with public, family and political pressures at the HKFS office.
It's not just politicians who are piling the pressure on student leader Alex Chow Yong-kang - he's also getting it in the neck from his parents.
A woman walks with her dog in Causeway Bay, a shopping district currently occupied by protestors, in Hong Kong, on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014.
Hong Kong democracy activists will hold a two-day referendum starting today to gauge protesters' response to government proposals to end the month-long street occupation
Saxophonist Kenny G (Left Third) picture with protesters at protest site in Admiralty.
After and "innocent walk around Hong Kong" Kenny G is in the middle of a crackdown on artists who don’t meet the Communist Party’s exacting ideological and aesthetic standards
Even with the protests, there are still lots of tourists waiting to catch the Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui.
The Occupy Central movement has not affected the number of mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong.
Protesters  study during a rally of the ongoing Occupy Central movement in Admiralty.
Let's face it, Occupy Central was never purely about a public nomination for chief executive. It's about the young versus the middle-aged, the average man against the elite - class warfare, almost.