Occupy Central

Protesters know it's easier to sleep at the Occupy Central site than think about the tiny flats they will be able to afford in the future.
Mike Rowse says demonstrators are fired up by social injustices in Hong Kong
Tunisia got its democracy, but with a slowing economy, the people are less sure about their choice.
Tunisia, birthplace of the Jasmine Revolution, has less confidence in democracy these days. According to the Pew Research Centre's Global Attitudes Project, just 48 per cent of Tunisians now say democracy is preferable to other kinds of government. A 2012 poll showed 63 per cent favoured a...
Chris Patten, former Hong Kong Governor, says Hong Kong lacks leadership
Chris Patten, who ran Hong Kong before it was handed back to Beijing in 1997, told a panel of British lawmakers yesterday that he believes China is "in breach of" Hong Kong’s Basic Law, its de-facto constitution, in its attempts to restrict democracy, and that it is Britain's business
While Occupy has received a lot of criticism, I was glad to see Young Post acknowledging that there are advantages, as well as disadvantages.
Philip Chan values the fight for democracy as highly as his football career.
No one can question Philip Chan's devotion to Hong Kong. The footballer scored two goals to help Hong Kong reach the knock-out stages at the Asian Games. But rather than celebrate, when he came back he joined the Occupy protest at Admiralty.
Is democracy within reach for the protesters?
Pan-democratic lawmakers are continuing their discussion on whether to resign from the legislature. Their resignation would trigger by-elections that would serve as a form of referendum to gain public views on reform.
Business as usual for shops and protesters at Occupy Central.
With tents to rent, a study zone, WiFi, and a growing art movement, the pro-democracy movement has evolved into a functional utopian collective
The huge jump in page views of a web forum reflects the importance of social media in shaping the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement
Protesters hold lights and banner saying "I want universal suffrage" in Admiralty .
With no end in sight to the Occupy Movement, one naturally begins to worry about the long term effects of the civil disobedience campaign – regardless of one’s political stance.
Protesters open their umbrellas in Admiralty on Monday night.
Nearly nine out of 10 Hong Kong protesters say they are ready to stay on the streets for more than a year to push for full democracy to counter China’s tightening grip on the city, according to an informal Reuters survey on Tuesday.