Occupy Central

The charges against Nathan Law (left) and Joshua Wong date back to June last year. Photo: Sam Tsang/SCMP
Scholarism's Joshua Wong has been charged with obstructing police officers during a protest outside the central government's liaison offices in Hong Kong in June last year
Joshua Wong received news he would face charges as he was about to leave Hong Kong for a holiday in Japan.
Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung will face charges for obstructing police officers from carrying out their duty during a protest last year, he revealed today, after receiving a phone call from police informing him of their intention to arrest him.
Many see the "no" vote as "mission accomplished", but true democracy is still a long way away
Large-scale protests, accusations of bribery and a suspected bomb plot have all been part of the dramatic buildup to last week's vote on Hong Kong's political reform package.
Monetary demands in Hong Kong are sky-high.
What have we got to be proud of as Hongkongers? Well, we have the greatest number of Rolls Royce cars per capita and the most unaffordable housing in the world - signs of a very capitalist, free market economy.
Civil Human Rights Front and pan-democrats oppose what they call "pseudo-universal suffrage"
Half a year after Occupy Central, around 100 tents are still up on Tim Mei Avenue, from outside the Legislative Council Building to the junction of Tim Mei Avenue and Connaught Road Central, local media reported.
Robert Chow claims more than 1 million people have signed in support of Beijing's political reform.
Pro-government campaign organiser Robert Chow Yung claims more than a million people have signed in support of Hong Kong's political reform. What are your thoughts?
A three-month occupation. Rough police. Masked, violent men. Sound familiar? What happens in Korean drama Cart is pretty much like Occupy Central
Youngspiration's Steven Wong (left) and Donald Chow are taking the fight to the future.
Meet the young guns hoping to capitalise on students' political awakening in November polls.
Protesters make their mark outside Central Government Offices.
Almost one in three people in Hong Kong are unhappy with society, with those aged 20 to 24 being the most dissatisfied, according to a survey by a local think tank.
On the six-month anniversary of the start of Occupy Central, we look at how local events compare to the events 49 years ago that inspired the movie Selma