Students (from left) Ian Fung Ho-wing, Julianna Yiu Yuk-kwun, Jacky Wong Cheuk-ki and Long Lo-Tsz-long.
"Turn off all electronic devices during examination" and "Stop writing when the invigilator says time is up" are exam rules that local students, who have taken hundreds of examinations, know off by heart. But here's a fun way to learn them.
Prince Wong has been sleeping on the streets for more than a month.
Prince Wong Ji-yuet is an ordinary Form Six student who is sitting the DSE exam in less than a year. While studying hard for the big test, she has been sleeping on the streets at night and going to school during the day for more than a month.
Waiting to hear your DSE results can be an incredibly anxious time, so many classmates will get together to support one another. Some of them will hang out with friends on Sunday night, singing karaoke or watching the World Cup final, to distract themselves and stay calm. Others will just go to...
On Monday, thousands of students will discover what their future holds,when the HKDSE results are released. We asked our readers what they think of the exam. Here are the best answers
(From left) Solomon Yan, Ding Lam, Ron Tam and Alfred Lai have analysed data to make studying for the DSE easier.
Studying large amounts of data can help with everything from revision to job searches. To help those taking the DSE feel more confident about the English exam, computer students from the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) have developed an award-winning app which helps students identify which...
A question on Monday's DSE Chinese exam paper has sparked an online discussion and accusations of brainwashing by the government.
Exams are coming up, and you may be feeling the heat. During this time, you run the risk of forgetting to care for your body and your mind. But if you're not in peak mental and physical condition, how can you be at the top of your game?
A decent study room is a sacred sanctuary for students who can't focus at home. And as the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) exams loom, finding a reliable place to revise is increasingly important.
The Education Bureau has said that students are not avoiding the DSE exams in favour of applying to foreign universities. A recent report revealed that about 5,000 fewer students are sitting this year's exam than last year.
The Main Building at the University of Hong Kong
With the HKDSE results due to be released soon, many candidates may feel lost about their direction in life. Young Post talked to university admissions experts ...