Eleven pupils - six boys and five girls - achieved top scores in seven subjects in this year's Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education examinations(HKDSE). They are among 74,131 candidates who will get their results today
They've all thought these things, believe us
Whether you're receiving your HKDSE results tomorrow, getting ready to start the three-year course next month, or part-way through, we're sure you can relate to these notions.
Last year, 6,595 girls and 5,900 boys were admitted to universities.
In recent years, the IB diploma has become increasingly common in Hong Kong, but the DSE still has its place. For many people, it's not a question of which programme is better, but about which course is right for them
Some liberal studies candidates got a shock when they were told they couldn't use calculators - even though rules said they could
This year's DSE Chinese paper was supposedly easier.
Everybody dreads the Chinese DSE, but there's some good news: many educators are saying that this year's exam is a little easier
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Students (from left) Ian Fung Ho-wing, Julianna Yiu Yuk-kwun, Jacky Wong Cheuk-ki and Long Lo-Tsz-long.
"Turn off all electronic devices during examination" and "Stop writing when the invigilator says time is up" are exam rules that local students, who have taken hundreds of examinations, know off by heart. But here's a fun way to learn them.
Prince Wong has been sleeping on the streets for more than a month.
Prince Wong Ji-yuet is an ordinary Form Six student who is sitting the DSE exam in less than a year. While studying hard for the big test, she has been sleeping on the streets at night and going to school during the day for more than a month.
Waiting to hear your DSE results can be an incredibly anxious time, so many classmates will get together to support one another. Some of them will hang out with friends on Sunday night, singing karaoke or watching the World Cup final, to distract themselves and stay calm. Others will just go to...