While candidates are frantically studying for core subjects like English language, mathematics and liberal studies, it’s important not to forget the electives.
The HKDSE for economics and business, accounting and financial studies (Bafs) are just one month away. So here is some last-minute tips to prepare you for these subjects.
A few days ago, one of the prompts for the DSE Chinese Paper 4 (Speaking) asked: Which “taste” would you use to describe the lives of Hong Kong senior secondary school students?
The HKDSE Chinese Language speaking exam is in just two days, and Young Post asked renowned tutor Lam Yat-yan from Beacon College for tips.
Young Post spoke to Kenneth Lau from Beacon College to get some tips on how to prepare for all HKDSE papers and make your answers stand out.
An English teacher from a Happy Valley school says students should spend more time reading books, newspapers, and magazines instead of just school textbooks, as this will help with exams, and also teach proper usage of the language.
Families in Hong Kong were in a frenzied state following the release of the HKDSE results and university offers.
Owen was a Form Five student when he was accepted into HKUST. He is one of only two people ever to get into HKUST without having to take any public examinations.
Students who got their results apply to the Central Admission Scheme.
YP cadets Henry Lui, Joshua Lee and Julia Cheung were tasked with covering the DSE results, the most important day for local secondary school students and for Young Post. This is what they thought ...
Ramsay marked the "end time" on the front of her paper
Ever since I became the editor of Young Post, I have heard about this exam, the dreaded liberal studies. So I decided to do it.