This year’s DSE elective Chinese History Paper exam was much simpler than last year’s because more popular topics appeared in this year’s paper, secondary school teachers say.
Many students, and parents, are torn between decisions when it comes to selecting the right curriculum.
It’s hard to believe that Melody Tam Lok-man, a top scorer from HKUGA College, who got 5** in seven subjects in last year’s DSEs, used to fail Chinese and Liberal Studies.
Today’s physics exam is over, and although it wasn’t technically tougher than previous years, it was all about understanding how physics applies to real-life phenomenon.
Did more historical sources mean more opportunities to mess up? Did you tank? Let us know.
This year’s exam was designed to challenge students by requiring more than maths ability.
Liberal studies candidates were surprised by unfamiliar terms.
Beacon College tutor Kenneth Lau explains where the paper was easier and how it was different
The writing questions for Part B tested students’ reasoning skills and personal views.