Better English

1. It was cryogenically frozen. 2. So that she could be brought back to life at a later time. 3. He doubted if the Cryonics Institute would be able to bring his daughter back to life. 4. i) estranged
1. worse 2. eating (a lot) less; she had lost weight; she was showing no interest in food and fluids; she was spending less time awake 3. The decision was made for ethical reasons and to prevent Jia Jia suffering.
1. Think tanks are groups of people who give advice and ideas on (government) policies. 2. D
1. B 2. D 3. 1997 4. (i) life expectancy (ii) better/improved (iii) increase/extend (iv) future 5. a major medical and technological breakthrough
1. Any two: what you do every day, what is around you, and what your habits are. 2. grime 3. mobile phones 4. i) NG ii) T iii ) F
1. tinnitus 2. i) listening to music too loud ii) being exposed to damaging sound levels in public places 3. B
1. B. 2. heads of state 3. (i) F  (ii) T  (iii) NG  (iv) F 4. replica
1. face-reading2. read their facial features and work out their fate/future3. She makes changes to her clients’ brows to bring them luck./She tweezes her clients' brows to change their fates.
1. regularly and in the same way every time2. highly anticipated3. People from the city of Providence who shine flashlights to send a message to patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital.4. i) diagnosed