Better English

1. face-reading2. read their facial features and work out their fate/future3. She makes changes to her clients’ brows to bring them luck./She tweezes her clients' brows to change their fates.
1. regularly and in the same way every time2. highly anticipated3. People from the city of Providence who shine flashlights to send a message to patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital.4. i) diagnosed
Clichés are words and phrases that are used so often, they’re not very interesting anymore. We might not notice if people use them when they’re talking, but when you read them, they can stick out like a sore thumb (cliché!).
1. i) Pupils from state schools are less likely to be accepted to better-ranked universities than those from private schools.ii) Black university applicants receive far fewer offers from top universities than white applicants.2. superior
1. an old book2. someone’s/ Bethany Gash’s mother3. He was moved by the photo and the letter.4. He shared the story with a local newspaper.5. i) NGii) Fiii) F
1. an increase2. C3. A huge increase in the number of babies born in the next five years. /An extra 17 million births within the next five years.
1. traitor2. They won the gold medal in Rio/ at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.3. She was the first person in volleyball to win gold/a gold Olympic medal both as a player and coach.
1. B2. i) to address child poverty by providing inexpensive mealsii ) provide a proper dinner for the children with late-working parents