Better English

1. act/work very quickly 2. (i) stumbled upon (ii) carnage (iii) aground 3. C 4. She tried to move them upright so they could breathe more easily.
1. (i) coveted (ii) brisk (iii) a stone's throw away (iv) remote (v) prohibits 2. the food truck 3. by lottery/draw
1. They might die young 2. The study showed that antioxidant pills can upset the body’s stress-response mechanism and make young people age more quickly. 3. It can damage cells in a process similar to the rusting of metal.
1. namesake 2. Cantonese opera 3. The beautiful costumes and headwear.
1. (i) pessamists  (ii) opposite (iii) positive 2. negative/pessamistic 3. thinking /perceiving /reasoning 4. the interaction of personality and mood 
1. The alpine fault, where the Australian and Pacific (tectonic) plates meet 2. i) vaguely       ii) blasé about    iii) seismic 3. Every year, dozens of top international geologists head there to study the geological fault.
1. useful/helpful 2. They were alarmed because fewer students regularly eat breakfast as they grow older. 3. carbohydrates, protein and fruit
1. Bosnia/ Bosnia and Herzegovina  2. Zero One was the code name his father used during the war; Arijan adopted the name to honour his father.