Better English

1.Tsui had a difficult childhood, but he is a successful adult. 2. Adversity 3. Tai Hom Squatter Village 4. (i) struggled (ii) attend (iii) loved/liked (iv) inquisitive
1. (i) age (ii) deteriorate (iii) symptoms/signs 2. Losing one’s teeth is just one of many things that will happen to the human body when a person gets older. 3. i) F   ii) NG   iii) T
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1. to protest against pollution in the country 2. (i) nasal sanitiser products (ii) face masks (iii) canned air 3. Seoul recorded the second-worst air quality in the world in March.
1. voracious, gluttonous 2. They can eat garbage double their weight every day.
1. She was nominated for Best Actress at three Asian film awards. 2. It was about street dance and chasing your dreams. 3. difficulties / setbacks i) She played the lead/main role in school plays
1. i) a Chinese home-sharing company similar to Airbnb-like home-sharing company  ii) Chen Chi 2. help Chinese people understand how to cater to guests and solve problems they have
1. North Pole 2. B 3. just over 1,300 4. She hopes to establish an environmental stewardship programme to reconnect youth with many of their cultural traditions.
1. Indonesia and the Philippines 2. B 3. For physically abusing Erwiana. 4. They could not adjust to life in the city. 5. there were concerns over abuse and exploitation
1. death 2. Sodimejo’s purported/supposed birth date is 30 years before local birth records began (so there is no way to check if it's true). 3. C 4. A