Better English

1. Kan’s grandfather  2. B 3. the low pay, long working hours and uncertain future  4. D 5. work all day and all night without stopping 
1. (i) perennial (ii) sluggish (iii) notoriously 2. (i) sluggish consumer spending     (ii) deaths caused by overworking/long working hours 3. An extra 10,000 yen 4. B
1. prevalence 2. (i) NG (ii) T (iii) F 3. Acupuncture   4. severe pain caused by trapped wind, suffered by young babies
1. The mainland government  2. has never happened/ has been done before 3. C 4. steel plants /burning coal for heat and power generation/ cars (motor vehicles) (any two)
1. Hello Kitty 2. A job that you think is perfect/that you want more than any other. 3. (i) malodorous (ii) commute (iii) despises
1. public cinemas and theatre 2. 3 days 3. Thobes, the traditional long, white robe worn by Saudi men. 4. D 5. (i) F (ii) F (iii) T
“I’ve never heard him speak English.” My English friend’s careless observation gave me a feeling of guilt, even though I try to be fully involved in the local culture.
1. involved2. Find out what the greatest cyber threats to a company are, and what is being done to deal with them.3. (i) F (ii) T (iii) NG4. A 
1. B 2. 30 billion tonnes of trapped carbon 3. A dangerous amount of greenhouse gases would be released into the atmosphere. 4. (i) T (ii) NG (iii) F
1. pollution/air quality 2. reducing 3. particulate matter/ nitrogen dioxide/ ozone (any 2)