Better English

1. useful/helpful 2. They were alarmed because fewer students regularly eat breakfast as they grow older. 3. carbohydrates, protein and fruit
1. Bosnia/ Bosnia and Herzegovina  2. Zero One was the code name his father used during the war; Arijan adopted the name to honour his father.
1. Eden Ministry helps women who were victims of human trafficking by teaching them how to make jewellery. 2. She broke one of her favourite bracelets, and had to buy pieces to repair it herself. 3. core
1. B 2. C 3. Krupa is in her last year of university/she was due to graduate at the end of the year. 4. Talk about an animal as if it were human.
1. D 2. Once the new MTR line opens, people from the south of the island will rely less on road traffic, and so can be encouraged to walk more. 3. i) T  (ii) NG (iii) F
1. B 2. Cheng not only flew around the world, but did so in the first ever home-made plane from Hong Kong. 3. historic