Better English

1. deer2. The images contained hundreds of reindeer corpses./The images looked like something from a zombie apocalypse movie because of all the dead reindeer.
1. death2. They are less likely to die as early 3. i) dividedii) crack open a bookiii ) variables4. i) educationii) consideration / accountiii ) longeriv ) week
1. has spread quickly on social media2. a fourth POC roommate to share a house3. whether stating ‘POC only’ on their a form of racism
1. criticising2. 403. A test that reveals allergic reactions. / A way to find out what someone is allergic to by pricking the skin and putting a substance under the skin.4. i) NG      ii) T      iii) F
1. too much / excessive/ unnecessary2. is not cool or fashionable anymore3. i) Tii) NGiii ) NG4. i) a thirst for adrenaline/excitementii ) a sense of survival/survival instinct
1. It was because her mother died suddenly when she was eight, and her father died of alcoholism two years later.2. an orphan.
Idioms about countries, cities, citizens and their language can be useful to help you describe things better
Have we finally come to accept that it's okay to give up on life?
1. blindingly2. Yes. You could just go outside, gaze at the stars for 10 minutes, and then go back to the hotel, according to Lucy Christie3. things like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and toothpaste